Sky Williams Came Out as Gay at Young Age! Dating Someone Now?

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Sky Williams Came Out as Gay at Young Age! Dating Someone Now?

“It’s a really, really hard thing to be silenced and it's deeply bruising to fight against your identity and to mold yourself into shapes that you just shouldn't be in." ~Amanda Stenberg 

Well, unless you belong to the LGBTQ community, one doesn't know the anguish of keeping one's actual identity concealed.

However, the world is slightly getting better at accepting people irrespective of what their sexuality is, and it indeed has helped many people to come out of the closet feeling congenial.

Sky Williams, a stand-up comedian and a YouTuber also managed to express his identity, coming out as a gay. He's downright proud of his sexuality and kudos to him for being so transparent. But now that we know he is gay, the other concerned thing is, is he dating?

Well, if you stumbled upon this article for the same reason, stay until the end to get your answers.

Is Sky Williams Dating Anyone?

Sky Williams is a very vocal person, from sharing things about his family to his childhood and even his sexuality, Sky has put it all out there in his social media. But apart from telling his viewers that he once had a crush on his late best friend Henry, the first person who he came out to as a gay, Sky hasn't discussed his love interest much.

It's evident that Sky takes pride in being a gay man, but he hasn't introduced his possible dating partner to the internet world. Well, if he would be dating someone, the probability of him sharing the fact stands a decent chance. However, he might as well be dating somebody keeping things off the radar!

Let's wait until Sky opts to open up on the matter.

However, in a joking gesture, Sky tweets about him dating few people,

That's a trait of a comedian, though!

But despite being gay, he loves tweeting about the things he would do if he had a girlfriend,

More about Sky Williams:

Sky Williams, a YouTube gamer, vlogger and a stand-up comedian, was born on January 31st, 1990 in San Jose, California and is 27 years of age. He was born to his parents, Sharon and Greg who got divorced when he was just 3 in age. Williams grew up with his family which included his elder siblings, sister Alex and brother Nick Williams.

Caption: Sky's 'Draw my life' video where he explains his life happenings in brief (Published on May 11, 2013 )

Sky started his youtube career as a vlogger nine years ago and is still in the business. Apart from being a YouTuber, Sky is also a stand-up comedian, who has won a Comedy Contest at 'Flappers Comedy Club.' Moreover, for his contribution to the entertainment business, Sky reportedly holds a net worth of $ 250k.