Start-Up Comedian Louie Anderson: Was He Ever Married? Well, Who Was His Wife? Death Rumors!

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Start-Up Comedian Louie Anderson: Was He Ever Married? Well, Who Was His Wife? Death Rumors!

We often see the celebrities who try to use their personal life to grab the limelight. These celebrities either expose their personal matter too much in the media or give way for the rumors to arise. Unlike those, the celebrity we are talking today is someone who himself stays very silent about his personal issues but sometimes the external agents create a rumor about him.

An Emmy Award-winning stand-up comedian, Louie Anderson believes in his hard work and talent. This is probably the reason he does not disclose the issues of his personal life in the media. He has never spoken about his wife or other personal matters.

His Married Life: Wife?

Unlike the professional life, the romantic life of Louie Anderson couldn’t get triumph. Louie got married to his high school sweetheart in 1985 but the marriage couldn’t prolong more than four weeks. The words Louie have for his marriage are:

"It was a mistake."

Well, Louie shared these words about the marriage but not once has talked about his ex-wife. We hear Louie talking about his family almost everywhere but always tries to keep his mouth shut when time comes to talk about his marriage and wife. Is Louie trying to protect his longtime sweetheart from the media? Or was his marriage just among those serious seeming jokes Louie does in his shows? This silence of his about his personal life has even made him face the death rumors once.

Louie’s Death Rumors!

In 2009, the media hoax about the death of Louie Anderson flared in the media and internet. People actually believed that the comedian left this world due to Diabetes. However, later everybody got enlightened knowing that Louie is still alive and healthy in his full shaped body.

If he would have been dead, America would obviously miss this funny man. Here we have a recent picture of comedian, Louie from his Instagram.

Louie’s Net Worth:

The 63 year old celebrity, Louie has created a cartoon series named "Life with Louie", has written three books (Dear Dad: Letters from an Adult Child, Goodbye Jumbo... Hello Cruel World and The F Word: How to Survive Your Family) and hosted a game show "Family Feud", from 1999 to 2002.  After all these hard works Louie is enjoying a splendid net worth of $10 million.