Susan Blommaert Hiding Possible Married Life And Husband? Career Reflects

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Susan Blommaert Hiding Possible Married Life And Husband? Career Reflects

It's a personal choice of the celebrities whether or not to display their dating affairs in the public. Well, the American actress Susan Bloommaert has made hers: she has been sealing her personal life from the media for a long time now.

One of the assumptions Susan's secrecy has brought to light is that she might be hiding a married life from the media. So let's take a stroll to see whether or not Susan Blommaert has a husband in real life!

Is Susan Bloommaert Married?

Love is such a beautiful force of life that most people intend to find it early, settle down and raise a happy family. But, the American actress, Susan Blommaert seems to defy the notion.

Though the actress, Susan Blommaert is running on 70 years of age, there is no presence of married life or even dating affairs, for that matter, on the horizon. The headlines still turn blank whenever it comes to Susan's dating life, hinting that the actress is possibly a single lady.

There is also a fair chance, however, that the image of Susan as a potential single lady may not stand true. Susan has managed to hide her personal life successfully till the date, and it is quite possible that she might have kept her married life a secret, too—should there be one.

But the lack of evidence to back up the hypothesis makes it wrong to claim anything. Well, we'll just have to wait it out until Susan decides to become vocal about her personal happenings.

Bloomaert has, however, indulged in some on-screen romances. Portraying the role of Kate Kaplan, also known as Mr. Kaplan in the TV series 'The Blacklist,' Susan shares a romantic relationship with Red Reddington, portrayed by James Spader.

In an interview with HuffPost, Susan openly talked about her on-screen romance as Kate Kaplan. She explained Kaplan and Reddington's relationship's subtleties, saying:

"I always believed there’s a fine line between love and hate. They have a long, deep relationship, and I don’t think it’s possible to totally stop loving someone you once loved.

We guess not!

Though Susan explained frankly about her on-screen romance, she remains adamant when it comes to opening up about her real-life matters.

Susan Blommaert's Bio And Career!

70-year-old Susan Blommaert was born on 13 October 1947 in the USA. Making her screen debut with the movie 'Forever, Lulu' in 1987, the veteran actress has been showcasing her talents and acting ability one after another.

With a career span of more than 30 years, Susan has more than a dozen credits in both the movies and TV series world. Her work credits include 'Edward Scissorhands,' 'The Ambulance,' 'The Double,' and 'Fan Girl.' Similarly, her recent works include 'Bull' and 'The Blacklist,' both of which she was part of until 2017.

Susan's portfolio has undoubtedly garnered her fame and profound status in finance; however, the exact figures of her net worth remain confined, just like her married life.

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