Wondering About Susanna Thompson's Married Life? Well, Get Acquainted To Her Husband Here

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Wondering About Susanna Thompson's Married Life? Well, Get Acquainted To Her Husband Here

If you are wondering whether 59 years old Susanna Thompson is married or not, the answer is yes, she is married. So how is her married life? Who is her husband? How is her better half? How is their relationship? You’ll find answers to all these issues here.

Susanna Thompson: Married life And Children

Susanna is married to Martin Katz.Their married life seems to be going smooth and strong because so far, no divorce news has been heard. According to one source, they met each other at college. It’s not known when they married but the source says that it must have been a long time.

At first, Susanna was reluctant to  start any kind of relationship with Martin but slowly their love began to flourish and later they got married. The proposal by Martin was made in front of their college mates. Susanna Thompson seems to be secretive and not so open about her personal affair. Therefore, information about her private life including her children is not found.

Know more about Martin Katz:

Born in New York City in a restaurant-owning family, Martin directs plays that are performed in theater.There is not much information regarding him but from one interview, what we can find about him is extracted here. Katz said he really didn’t consider theater as a career until after he moved to San Diego and worked as a helper at the Project Oz center for troubled teens.

Besides being a director, he is also an aikido teacher. Both husband and wife have been practicing Japanese martial art- Aikido.He mentioned that Aikido is more of a “martial way” than a martial art. He teaches to students ranging from age 6 to 80 at the City of San Diego Park and Recreation Center at Standley Park.What he said about aikido is,

 “It is a creative form, being able to move together, to accept someone’s energy, to respond to it, and to have a harmonious resolution.”

In an interview regarding  the play An Ordinary Day, which is a comedy dealing with a lady who plans to commit suicide, Katz told the interviewer that, he is interested in this “end of life stuff….”

He added more,

“My dad died when he was 60, my mom died when she was 59, so I am older than my parents were,” Also, “there is that ultimate thing, that fascination with what form does it take, and you’ve watched people die, and it is very tortuous, and it is very difficult, and it is the mourning process.”

Caption: Martin Katz laughing to glory along with his friends (2013)

Photo Credit: sdjewishworld.com

A Net Worth of Susanna Thompson:

Susanna is an American television, stage and film actress. She is known for her work in films like Little Giants (1994), Ghosts of Mississippi (1996), Random Hearts (1999) and Dragonfly (2002). She has also starred as Karen Sammler on ABC drama series Once and Again (1999-2002).

Thompson has been cast as Moira Queen as a regular cast member in the CW series Arrow. Thompson also gets paid by sponsorship, ads, endorsement and featuring.  Few albums like Arrow, Kings, The Gathering, The Ballad of Jack and Rose also help in generating income.So at present, her net worth is $3million.