A Rumored Gay Man Tim Hardaway Is A Married Man and Has A Wife! Reveals Rocky Relationship With Son

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A Rumored Gay Man Tim Hardaway Is A Married Man and Has A Wife! Reveals Rocky Relationship With Son

How many of you keep wondering about the personal life of your favorite celebrity or public figure? We assume the numbers are high above the charts. 

Well, today, we are about to add another personality to our list, and that name is Tim Hardaway. The professional life of the NBA player has always been like an open book.

However, there are things people do not know about the former professional basketball player, and one of the facts is that he has a wife and another one includes his past rocky relationship with his son. Well, if you want to get hold of all the details, then keep reading!

Tim Hardaway Has A Wife Indeed!

NBA player, Tim Hardaway has been a man, who has won many hearts with his amazing skills, but many would not know about his personal life. It’s quite normal for people to assume that either the 50 years old has been dating or has a girlfriend.

While some similar speculations kept coming, fans went the extra mile and started the rumor that he is a gay man. But as we told you, he is not a gay man.

Tim Hardaway has a wife and a family. That’s right.

Tim and Yolanda have been married since May 15, 1993. The couple has been together since college, and also they have a family that includes a son, Tim Jr. and daughter, Nia.

And as far as there are talks about his family, he has a son who walked in his father’s footsteps, and as people thought as the father and son share the same passion, they had a pretty strong bond, which in reality, was not.


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The Rocky Relationship of Tim Hardaway With Son:

Relationships are beautiful although being delicate. When a father criticizes his son to improve his performance, the son may think why he isn't being appreciated for the efforts, and further, the differences in thoughts lead to a rocky relationship.

Similar is the case of famous NBA, Tim Hardaway, and his son Tim Hardaway Jr. Tim Hardaway pressed his son so hard to improve his basketball skills that it merely cracked their relationship.

Recalling the moment, Tim Hardaway Jr. said,

"Those arguments will be something I never forget. You want to forget them, but they happened so much that they're just stuck in the back of my head forever. I just have to live with them and learn from them. And when I become a father, I'll try not to do that."

Tim Jr. stated that his father did motivate him to play better, but how he did was the factor that cracked the relationship. Tim Sr tried to motivate his son just like his father did, by yelling, by showing the fear of not getting to play if the effort was not enough. Time Sr. Yelled at his son as,

"You're either going to play this game the right way or you're going to quit. You're not performing at a high enough level. You're going to get better, or we'll stop you from playing the game of basketball forever."

All of that resulted in nothing but shame to both the father and son. Tim Sr. surely turned all the yelling into his support, but the same wasn’t the case for his son; it made him feel worthless, always criticized and neglected.

The incidents led the duo of father and son quarreling over the games; Tim Jr. played but did not talk with his father for days and weeks in rows.

However, as time went by, Tim Sr. started to see the holes in the father-son relationship. He decided to go to his game one day and take a closer look at his son sitting far away from the parent’s section.

Later, Jr. who played the game thinking that his father was absent saw Tim Sr. in the locker room. The two went on home together, and as soon as the engine started, Tim started apologizing for all the moments of despair and promised to be just a dad.

He said that the father and son talks would just not be based on basketball. It wouldn’t be about games and stats until his son wanted. However, one day, Tim Jr came home and told his father,

"I want to get better. Let's go work out together. Throw everything you can at me."

In the absence of his father's criticism, Tim Jr began to improve in his game and even started taking risks and leading the team, a good player in the making.

The father, Tim Sr. couldn’t be more proud, as in 2013, Tim Jr. got in the Knicks. Tim Sr. expressed his happiness as,

“The years I played and the rivalry we had, now it’s coming full circle. My son is going to play for the Knicks. I’m very happy for him. It’s not about me. It’s about him. It’s about him being happy.

Caption: Tim Hardaway with his son Tim Jr. and wife Yolanda flaunting their son's Knick Jersey in 2013.

Photo Credit: New York Post

Well, the father and son are now in good terms, and that’s something essential in a family.

Tim Hardaway short Bio:

Tim Hardaway was born on 1966, September 1, in Chicago. Tim went to Carver Area High School followed by enrolling in the University of Texas.

While in college, he also won the Frances Pomeroy Naismith award for the best college player in the category of six feet or under the six feet line players. Currently 50 years old, Tim has a net worth of $28 million and is now serving as an assistant coach for the Detroit Pistons.

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