Tom Oar Wiki: Age, Married Life, Wife, and Possible Family Of the Mountain Men Star

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Tom Oar Wiki: Age, Married Life, Wife, and Possible Family Of the Mountain Men Star

When most of the people choose to live in luxury enjoying the modern technologies and conveniences, some opt to live off the grid. The American reality television series on the History channel, Mountain Men, profiles some of those people, who live their lives in the unspoiled wilderness.

If you have watched Mountain Men, then you surely have noticed Tom Oar, one of the eight casts featured on the show, which includes Eustace Conway and Marty Meierotto as well.

Well, you might have known that this friendly man with a bushy white beard has been living in the in the Yaak, trapping and tanning hides for almost four decades, but do you know his age and his possible family? Today, we will help you to know all about them through Tom Oar’s wiki.

Tom Oar’s Age And Married Life:

The American Tanner and former rodeo star Tom Oar is now a reality television personality. He was first introduced to the show by his friend Tim Linehan, who knew a film production rep. By this time, Tom has a large number of fans and followers interested to know him more.

One of the self-taught and widely respected tanners, Tom has been married to Nancy Oar for more than twenty years. If you have noticed, Oar’s wife Nancy and their dog, Ellie has been making a regular appearance on the show as well.

Caption: Tom Oar and Nancy tour a retirement home in Florida (Published on Jun 6, 2014).

The pair has been living in a remote area of Montana’s Yaak Valley, where they make a living from tanning hide. They also create traditional buckskin moccasins, shirts, pants, and jackets.

Well, Tom and his wife enjoy the net worth of $200 thousand. However, when Tom was asked once about how the show has changed his life, he said-

“The show hasn’t changed me so far to any great degree. I do get more orders than I ever have before. I could never keep up with all the business we’ve got in the past year. When we make a jacket or a buckskin pair of pants, it’s all hand-sewn. We don’t use a sewing machine.”

Tom's age may be seventy years old, but he seems to be very energetic and healthy. You will be surprised if we will tell you that Tom and Nancy lived their first 17 years in the west without any electricity or running water.

Today, the pair lives only fifty miles from the nearest grocery store. Tom and Nancy decided to move to a remote area of Northwest Montana when Tom was thirty-five-years-old, and Nancy was thirty-years-old.  

Talking about their plans to move out to the remote woods to American Cowboy, Tom said-

“There came a point in our life where we figured the majority of rodeoing was over, and we wanted to move to Montana and build a log house. So we bought a chainsaw in Illinois to build a house with when we got here.”

Now, Nancy seems to be very worried about her husband and herself, as they are not young anymore. She is also concerned that they have to give up their lifestyle and move to Florida with their kids.

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