Viktoria Modesta, the First Amputee Singer, Loves Being Single and Says she does not Need a Boyfriend

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Viktoria Modesta, the First Amputee Singer, Loves Being Single and Says she does not Need a Boyfriend

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Amputee bionic multimedia artist, Viktoria Modesta, is very busy inclining her career to the summit of success as she has no time to hearsay about her dating and affairs. She has been maintaining privacy in her relationship and it seems as if she has no interest in it.

Though her fans are very much curious to know about her boyfriend, her silence has created difficulty for them to know anything about her boy.

This 29-year-old incredibly gorgeous and talented lady has made her way to success by this age. And enormous popularity has followed her along with the success.

But despite being famous, her past relationships are unknown, and she is currently single. It seems as if she is too busy making her career bright as she has no time to discover her future boyfriend. Viktoria Modesta is a lady who is very much focused on her professional life rather than her love life.

This New Generation Artist doesn't need a Boyfriend nor a Dating life

Rumor has it that, Viktoria loves being single as she doesn’t want her personal life restrained by her profession life.

With voluntarily amputated legs, she has climbed the summit of success and considers it as her strength. She had to amputate her lower left leg at the age of 20, as she spent most of her childhood visiting hospitals. Her leg needed attention due to a doctor's carelessness during her birth. 

And despite her leg, she is strong and as capable as any other able women. And this is the reason why she wants to remain single. She knows that she does not need a man in her life. It might be a bad news lots of hot men out there, but sooner or later Viktoria will look for a man whom she would love to spend her entire life.

And according to rumors, though she wants to remain single and she would like to get married to a guy who will not have the problem with her leg and physique. She wants him to accept her for who she is and to stand by her side in every ups and down.

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Enough with her single life, let us know more about this super sexy lady. 

Vauge Boyfriend:


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Well standing tall with the height of five feet seven inches, Viktoria has the pleasant personality with stunning appearance. She also has a well-maintained body and is photogenic. 

She is also a model, who began her modeling career when she was fifteen years old. She began her musical career when she was quite young and now at this stage she has released several albums and songs. In several of her interviews, she revealed that her amputated leg is her motivation and is actually thankful for it which has inspired her to dream an incredible career. 
In an interview with she talks about how she views her disability and was quoted saying

To me, being disabled means you are limited in your life and assume there is a barrier between you and achieving the things you want. I simply don’t see it that way.

Born in Russia, due to her doctor's negligence her hip and legs were affected and had to go through 15 different surgeries before persuading her surgeons to amputate her leg at the age of 20.

This Latvian-born English singer-songwriter, performance artist, and model is currently under a contract with IMG Models.

Her music career started as the lead of Channel 4's Born risky initiative and Channel 4 paid £200,000 to debut a clip from "Prototype", Viktoria’s iconic new video, in an ad spot aimed at the ITV show’s peak audience of nearly 10 million viewers.

She has appeared on the cover of top magazines like Skin Two and Bizarre. Her performance in 2012 Summer Paralympics closing ceremony was outstanding which was complemented by Grazia, The Times and Look magazines through writings. 

With numerous music release, band endorsements, and tours, Viktoria can collect incredible earnings. Her appropriate net worth is not revealed yet, but it is evaluated in millions. 

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