Wentworth's Star Socratis Otto Dating Someone? Or Secretly Married? Her Wife or Girlfriend Record

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Wentworth's Star Socratis Otto Dating Someone? Or Secretly Married? Her Wife or Girlfriend Record

Wentworth’s Star Socratis through his versatile acting has achieved an immense amount of success in his acting career. Besides acting, has this man actually gained success in his love life or dating life? Or has he achieved success through secret marriage?  Well, this question may really interest his fan followers and make them anticipate more for the details, so today we shall be disclosing few personal front of this actor and treating his fan with a delicacy.

Caption: Socratis Otto in the Series “Wentworth” 2013

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Is he Dating? Or Secretly Married?

Well, the Australian star has kept his personal life low. Even though he has not mentioned anything officially, he seems to have posted a picture with a female co-star. However, besides picture nothing has been said on it. Therefore, there is no confirmation of him getting married or having a wife or a girlfriend.

Is He Single? Or Gay?

He is single and is of straight orientation. However, in the year 2013, Socratis played a character of transgender in the Series “Wentworth” as Maxine. In the series, the issue of transgender has been strongly highlighted. On an interview posted in Daily Mail on 18th June 2014, he said:

“When I researched transgender, the one thing that came through is that they fell alienated, not within their bodies, but with society and their families.”

Socratis Otto's Shot Bio:

Socratis Otto was born on 1st January 1970 in Sydney, Australia. In the year 2000, he graduated from National Institute of Dramatic Art. He has also completed a degree in creative writing and literature.

In the year 2001, he began his career at the theater by playing in the drama Salt. In the year 2002, he got a major break in the television series “Young Lions”. In the year 2013, he appeared in the role of Paper Giants: Magazine Wars.

In the year 2014, he appeared in the telemovie, Carlotta, and Wentworth. He has also appeared in the movies like X-Men origin (2009), inGone(2012), The Max Reloaded (2003) and I Frankenstein (2014). He is currently working on the third series of Wentworth.