What Caused Yousef Erakat Take A Hiatus From Vlogging? Know His Dating And Girlfriend Issues

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What Caused Yousef Erakat Take A Hiatus From Vlogging? Know His Dating And Girlfriend Issues

Someone who has made people feel good and feel joyous also needs the same in his life. Some of the things affect us positively or negatively, and when things do not plan out as we want them to, we feel depressed. Moreover, life is a rollercoaster ride where we also need the downward spin spiral.

The same can be said about Yousef Erakat as he too was on a hiatus and taking some time for recuperating. But now he is back and eve so strong. So let us take a look at that dark phase in his life and also let’s have a glimpse of his dating and girlfriend issues which he had to deal with in our story today.

The reason behind leaving YouTube channel passive:

The Arab-American YouTube personality Yousef Erakat had it all since the time he started his channel on YouTube in 2011. The vlogger repeatedly talked about his battle with mental illness in his videos but the channels Fousey TUBE and DOSEofFOUSEY which must have helped a lot to make an impressive net worth, expected to be in millions, were inert for several months was evident to the worsened mental issues of the star.

Also lately, the California native had talked about the reason in a video which made him dormant the channels at the point in time when it was catching its pace towards the immense success.

Yousef Erakat divulged the facts of the bipolar disorder he went through. He told his fans, how the strong reactions of the viewers worsened his condition. He stated,

“Every single day I chose not to pick up this camera is because I’m terrified. I’m terrified about what the world has to say about me, I’m terrified about how people perceive me, and I’m terrified of people’s opinions. I’m terrified of reading anything about myself because I lost so much sense of who I am as a person that everything i started believing is what i read.”

Moreover, Erakat hopes that he can overcome the terror, he added:

“I am here to rid myself of that fear and just be myself,”

Caption: The famous YouTube personality Yousef Erakat talked about his reason “Why he left YouTube.” (Published on April 3, 2017)

After the comeback, Yousef Erakat is hoping to overcome his terror and emphasized that most of his videos will be relating to his fight for illness.

And as he mentioned in his post, hopefully, the multiple award-winning stars will be able to come out of his comfort zone and will be able to find happiness in the things in which he can do well.  

Want to Know more about Yousef's private life?

Talking about Yousef's personal life, it always has been the interesting facts for Yousef’s followers to know about the dating life of their favorite star. The 27 years old star has been in a relationship with Alicia Tyre.

The duo started dating in 2016. Yousef Erakat dated his hot junior who also has her Youtube channel “Sahlt.” Along with the videos she makes, she is also famous for her tattoos.

Caption: Yousef Erakat has been in a relationship with Alicia Tyre. (Published on September 9, 2016)

After several months of dating, the two called off their relation in early 2017, but the reason for their break-up is still a mystery.

After their breakup, the viewers also speculated him as a gay and concluded as the ultimate reason behind the couple’s split. But no vocal is heard from the star, and the fact of his sexuality remains within himself.

Furthermore, he is also exquisite at giving advice about dating. In an interview with Fuse TV, he has been seen giving advises about how one can maintain the relationship. He proclaimed,

“If you're ready for the relationship, do what it takes to be in the relationship. And if you're not, stay single and do whatever the hell you want. Then you won't get in trouble. It's that simple."

Caption: Yousef Erakat talks about the dating and girlfriend. Know what he has to say about a relationship. (Published on Nov 26, 2016)

It seems our star can be a sagacious dating guru. That was dating advice for all of us, and hopefully, we will see our favorite star with his better half shortly.