When Nadya Suleman Got Pregnant And Conceived Her Children; Where Are The Kids Now?

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When Nadya Suleman Got Pregnant And Conceived Her Children; Where Are The Kids Now?

To come into the light of fame one must be exceptionally talented, or one must be a great actor, politician, and singer or must hail from a strong business background. But media personality Nadya Suleman turned the concept around when she came into headlines for her pregnancy stories.

Today, we shall get through the conceived story of Nadya Suleman followed by the current whereabouts of the octuplets.

 The Story Of her Pregnancy And Her Children, Where Are They Now?

Nadya Suleman got married to Marco Gutierrez in 1996. The marriage sustained for around four years before heading for divorce in 2000. The divorce finalized after eight years, in January 2008. When rummaging through the reason for divorce, the failure to have children from Marco came into light. While Suleman wanted to have children through several scientific methods, her husband was against it, which further worsened their wedding.

Caption: Marco Gutierrez former husband of Nadya Suleman.(1996-2000)

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After a year of marriage, at the age of 21, Suleman started IVF treatment in 1997 with the assistance of Dr. Michael Kamrava. Right after a year of divorce, she gave birth to her first child, a son Joshua Jacob Solomon while in 2002 she gave birth to a daughter Amerah Yasmeen Solomon through the IVF process. Moreover, Nadya further gave birth to additional three children, Caleb Kai Solomon, Calyssa Arielle Solomon, Elijah Makai Solomon and Aidan Solomon.

Despite being a mother of six children, Suleman again underwent IVF treatment which did not only bless her with kids; it showered her with octuplets. The sexy mama gave birth to eight of her children at Kaiser Permanente Center in California in 2008.

Caption: Nadya Suleman flaunts her huge pregnant bump before delivering her eight babies (2008)

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The babies were born under the supervision of expertise doctors Veena Manchanda, Dr. Mandhir Gupta and Dr. Karen Maples within a time difference of 36 seconds. As reported by the people.com, the doctors of the hospital were fully excited, which is evident in the statement provided by Dr. Veena Manchanda, which says,

“We were all very excited because it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the whole staff,”

Dr. Karen Maples further added,

“It’s a surprise, Eight newborns are in stable condition, and they’re doing quite well.”

Though Nadya did not reveal the name of the babies, the hospital disclosed their birth details. The first baby boy Noah Angel Suleman was born weighing 2 pounds, 11 ounces at 10:43 am. The second baby girl Maliyah Angel Suleman was born weighing two lbs., 12 oz at 10:44 a.m, third baby boy Isaiah Angel Suleman was born weighing three lbs., 4 oz at 10:45 a.m. 

Similarly, the fourth baby girl Nariyah Angel Suleman was born weighing two lbs., 8 oz at 10:45 a.m, fifth baby boy Jonah Suleman was born weighing one lb., 8 oz at 10:46 a.m. The sixth baby boy Makai  Angel Suleman arrived weighing  2 lbs, 12 oz at 10:47 a.m, seventh baby boy Josiah Angel Suleman was born weighing one lb., 15 oz at  10:47 a.m and the eighth baby boy Jeremiah Angel Suleman was born weighing 2 lbs. 11 oz at  10:48 a.m.

Well, all the fourteen children got enrolled in school while the mother entirely left her stripping profession and started working as a therapy counselor after she spotted her daughter wearing her stripper attire. On an interview aired on ABC, News Nady disclosed about the reason for switching her profession.

Caption: Nadya speaks about changing her profession from stripper to therapist (2016)

 In 2016 the octuplets were spotted celebrating their eighth birthday in Orange County, California in a vegan style.

Caption: Octomom celebrates her children's birthday in 2016.

At present, all the children are staying together with Nadya which is evident through her Instagram posts.


One of the family traditions my kids and I created is called "family fun night." We dedicate every Saturday night to spending quality time together...playing board games (the little kids are attempting to teach me how to play chess), watching scary movies (The Shining is our favorite ????), or documentaries, and having educational and cognitively stimulating discussions. I get asked often, "where are your older kids?" While the 10 youngest kids and I engage in quality family time, my teens are either "gaming" or at a friends house and "cringe" at our tradition lol. I chose to post this particular picture of us eating popcorn to share about a kind, caring, and extremely thoughtful lady, who has followed the kids and I for years. This warmhearted human being, whom I have never met, mailed every one of my children a special gift for my octuplets birthday. She wrote me an emotionally supportive letter and explained how she hoped we would enjoy the games and popcorn maker she sent for family fun night. She expressed how she hoped the clothes fit properly as she didn't know the kids sizes. She did not have to devote valuable time from her life to do this. She did not have to send any gifts let alone 14! This amazing woman taught me something I believe God wanted me to remember, particularly after being hurt by humanity far too many times over the years...that human beings are inherently good. There are far more good individuals in this cruel world than scornful. Thank you. Thank you for your kindness; thank you for your compassion; thank you for your words of encouragement and loving support. The kids and I are so grateful to you.

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Like a caring mom, she has taken care of her kids very well. With so much of publicity from her children, Nadya had once posed for a videographer picture with her children which had allowed her to earn the amount of $8000.

While she has a net worth of $1 million which is not sufficient for her and the children to sustain for the long term, so maybe in the upcoming years she will start her own business or get herself into the modeling field or else present herself as a reality star. Well, nothing gets said till the actress comes up with some idea to increase her net worth.

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