YouTube Star Luke Brooks Dating Someone? Who is His Girlfriend? Gay Rumors

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YouTube Star Luke Brooks Dating Someone? Who is His Girlfriend? Gay Rumors

Having known as a member of "Janoskians," the Youtube star Luke Brooks has successfully rendered the hearts of plenty of female fans. But the question that arises is has he ever tried his luck in winning the heart of his extraordinary women or has he found love in the partner of the same sex?

These bulky unanswered questions may be jumbling inside the head of his fan, so today we shall solve all the illusions spread by the controversy one by one and reveal about his dating status, relationship status, and his gay rumor.

Previous Dating History? Girlfriend?

The young lad has been spotted dating Kiana Brown, an American singer, and actress. The star has not confessed or disclosed anything about the relationship nor has explained about his dating events with the actress.

However, while going through few of the portals, we came across a post which claimed the duo to be in the relationship. The post reveals about Luke being in a relationship with Kiana for more than eight months and denotes the fact of the lady being his queen for the prom-themed event.

Caption: Luke with Kiana attending an event


Similarly, the young lad was spotted with Kiana in another prom-themed event together where both the stars were caught smooching in the picture.

Caption: Kiana Brown and Luke Brooks stealing the moment


Well, even though the news has been confirmed regarding their dating, neither the star nor the actress has given any consent to the fact. Maybe the followers of Luke had some idea about his relationship, therefore they were constantly tweeting about his girlfriend and creating suspicion for other fans who had no clue about his women.

The star has not even bothered to clear the air and give it a green signal. Therefore, till the star confesses about the entire scenario, we must wait patiently for it.

Similarly, the star has also been seen sharing a cozy moment with Kendall Jenner, the American fashion model. The star has not revealed any of his dating events and dating period with Jenner as well.

Caption: Luke with Kendell Jenner


The star has revealed no information about the existence of the relationship neither about the nonexistence of the relationship. There remains a suspicion if the star really dated someone or was it just a fling between them. Currently, the model Jenner is dating the rapping star Asap Rocky since the year 2016.

Caption: Kendall Jenner with Asap Rocky at a launch party for her PacSun clothing line in 8th February 2016.


As the star has kept his personal life out of limelight, there shall always remain some short of confusion whether to accept the fact of him having a girlfriend or not. So, let's wait till the star himself confess about it.

Simultaneously, we came across another interesting post posted by his brother cum member of "Janoskians," evidence  whichJai Brooks. As posted in the Twitter on 6th July 2013, Luke was spotted giving a quick peck on the cheek of an unidentified girl. Even though the star himself has not spoken about the picture, his brother has once asked if the mysterious lady is his girlfriend.

The star has not disclosed any details about this mysterious women, however, was seen one more time with her.

So, the star may be in a relation or may be not. Or this might just be a friendly peck on the cheek with no other fling. So, we must wait till he discloses and clears the rumor about the lady.

Is He Single? Or Gay?

Similarly, the star has been hit by the rumor of dating the Australian Musician Daniel Sahyounie in the year 2012. However, the star has neither confronted it nor has the duos been spotted together at any point in time or in any events. Therefore this might only be a rumor with no concrete evidence which may be either created to stab his personality or reduce the fan following.

As reported by the star is single. Similarly, as posted by, the fan of Luke has straight away given a clean chit on the sexual orientation of the star and has also mentioned about the star preference on girls. He quotes about the star disliking girls who swear a lot and genuinely prefers down to earth, cute and loyal girls.

Whereas some YOUTUBE post of him relates a different version of the story. The post might have been created for an entertainment purpose or done purposely. Hence, there remains a contradiction in the answers posted by his fan and the video uploaded by the star.

As posted on YOUTUBE on 23rd August 2012, the Janoskians gay moments:

Caption: The Brook family including Luke Brook shares the gay moment

Short Bio of Luke Brooks:

Luke Brooks was born on 3rd May 1995 in Sydney Australia. He has a twin brother Jai who too is a part of Janoskians. Before coming into the fame he recorded his first YOUTUBE prank in the year 2011.The Janoskians channel has about 2 million subscribers and has an estimated net worth of $ 3 million dollars.

No source has revealed about the salary of the star but we can assume the star earns a handsome salary to enjoy a luxurious life.Until the year 2012, his group had already worked and produced web show for MTV Australia.

In the same year, they released their song Set This World on Fire and in the year 2014, he along with his group went for Gate Cake Tour which created an additional fame to the group.