The Best Workout Plans For Men And For Women! Weight Loss Has Never Been So Easy

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The Best Workout Plans For Men And For Women! Weight Loss Has Never Been So Easy

The excess weight is the outcome of our lifestyle and our food habits. And, you need to keep reminding yourself that the weight loss won’t happen overnight, and one needs to have a strong will and determination for weight loss. But if you focus and workout according to the plan, then the target is achievable.  

The Ultimate Workout Plans for Men:

To reduce weight and burn fat, men need the cardiovascular exercises, and the workout plan includes three days full body workout per week, two days cardio and two days of rest as evident in the chart.

Caption: Workout plan for the seven days of the week.

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The full body workout plan A includes Barbell Front Squat, Romanian Deadlift, single arm dumbbell bench press, barbell complex which is the combination of Romanian Deadlift, Hang Clean Thruster and lastly the dumbbell pushups. 

Every week, increase your exercise by two minutes in every workout and keep your motivation level high in the journey of losing weight.

Caption: Full body workout plan A with reps and time to perform such exercise.

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The plan B of full body workout includes conventional deadlift; chest supported dumbbell row, Bulgarian Split Squat, Single arm dumbbell overhead press, barbell complex and inverted suspension row.

Caption: Scheduled workout plan for every day of the week to achieve the desired weight.

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For the cardio, perform elbow plank on the exercise ball for 30 seconds, followed by a 30 seconds hill sprint and do ab wheel rollouts from your knees for 30 seconds as well.

The Foremost Workout For Women:

The fat blasting workout plans will surely give you visible results. So if you are seeking to lose weight effectively, then follow the weight loss plan below.

The first and the foremost thing in losing weight effectively, is cardio and when we focus on losing fat, then the weight is left on the rack, but the lower rep and heavy weight burns more calories than without weight lifting.

Plan your days of the week as

  • Monday - Chest/Back
  • Tuesday- Shoulders/Abs
  • Wednesday for Biceps/ Triceps
  • Thursdays for Quads/Hams
  • Friday for Calves/Abs
  • Saturday for Cardio
  • Sunday for Cardio/Abs.

Caption: Mondays dedicated to the decline bench press.

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On Mondays perform decline bench press(chest), incline bench press(chest), flat bench press (chest), flat bench press (chest), cable cross over and dumbbell flyes three sets of 10 reps each.

For the back, perform stiff leg dumbbell deadlift, hyperextensions, bent over dumbbell row, T-bar row, Lat pulldown and pullup three sets of 10 reps each.

Caption: On Tuesdays, perform the dumbbell press.

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Tuesdays: For shoulders, perform Arnold press, dumbbell press, dumbbell lateral raises, and dumbbell rear delt row 3 sets of 12 reps each. And for the abs perform plate twists ad hanging knee raises.

Caption: Start off your Wednesday with the hammer curls.

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Wednesday: Biceps: Perform hammer curls, dumbbell incline curls, and one arm preacher curls three sets of 10 reps each. And for the triceps, perform kickbacks, weight benched dips and pushups three sets of 10 reps each.

Caption: Walking lunges is a favorite out of many exercises.

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Thursdays for Quads: Perform barbell squats, walking lunges and leg press three sets of 10 reps each. And for abs perform ab roller, decline crunch and crunches three sets of 30 reps each.

Caption: With the standing calf raise exercise we are moving towards fitness.

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Friday for Hams: Perform roman deadlifts, seated leg curls, and lying leg curls three sets of 12 reps each. And for calves, perform standing calf raise, donkey calf raises, and Smith machine reverse calf raises three sets of 15 reps each.

The Saturday and Sunday are dedicated to cardio exercise, so do your favorite cardio routine and enjoy your workout to the fullest.

Warm up before the exercise is essential and all the workout routine is recommended to be performed under the guidance of professional instructors. Only working out does not give you the desired result; unless you eat food complementing your weight loss and workout regime. Don't forget to drink ample amount of water, as it's your best friend during weight loss. The workout isn’t only a mode of weight loss, but it must be a way of a healthy lifestyle indeed.