Top 5 Best Food courts Around The world: Exploring The Fast Food Court

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Top 5 Best Food courts Around The world: Exploring The Fast Food Court

Previously in the 70’s era, while going for shopping or an open date, people had to find a decent place to eat after finishing their shopping or if they wanted to enjoy an excellent luncheon with their beloved. They had to spend more than an hour to get hold of a decent place for them to eat but after launching food courts, complications has somewhat lessened, and nowadays we see food courts inside the airport, malls or inside the office hub. These food courts do not only offer you plain foods but trust me they provide you the best pocket-friendly foods with several food items which would leave you to crave for more and want more.

With this, we present you the world’s most famous food courts which you’d want to taste and at the same time keep a strong desire to initiate in your hometown.

1.Hutong Food Court, Kula Lumpur:

Situated in the Lot 10 mall, Hutong Food Court shares a wide dining experience with more than twenty food vendors. The food court has got the architectural structure of Beijing village where all the stalls are inter- linked with round seating arrangements.

Caption: Hutong Foot Court, Kula Lumpur at Lot 10 Mall.


The food courts serve the fusion of Asian cuisines like Chinese, Indian, Malaysian and much more garments. The vendors inside the food court also serve the famous hawkers food like Honkee Porridge and Kim Lian Kee’s Hokkien mee.When talking about the price range, the foods are comparatively expensive but are worth every penny as the price of the food varies from RM10-Rm18, while the mall opens from 10:00 am to 22:00 pm.

2.The Fifth Food Avenue, Bangkok:

At the Mahboonkrong Center, the fifth food Avenue serves a broad range of national and international cuisine in the most prominent and luxuries manner. The food court serves you with the authentic foods, beverages, and dessert in the most affordable price. The food court provides you with bona fide Thai cuisine, Middle East cuisine and Western food followed by a live jazz band performance which would give you an additional refreshment and enchanting experience.

Caption: The aromatic kitchen of the fifth food avenue, Bangkok.


The food court provides a large sitting area filled with comfortable seats where the eaters can enjoy the food followed by the live band and the aroma of different cuisine. The food court can be accessed through the BTS National Stadium station and is open every day from 10:00 am to 22:00 pm.

3.TGI Friday’s, Dubai:

Situated at the Dubai Mall, Downtown TGI Friday has been serving American delicacy since decades. The restaurant not only serves you American platters but also gives you the enchanting Italian and Mexican experience.

Caption: TGI Food Court in Dubai Mall, serving the Amercian delicacy.

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The court opens every day from 10:00 am to 12:00 midnight while the average cost for two people amounts to AED 250. With an open space, the food court is also the best place business lunch, family brunch, and online service.

4.Pind Balluchi, India:

 Pind Balluchi has been serving the delectable Punjabi foods all across the country of India in the form of food courts or restaurant. The court serves more than 100 Punjabi delicacies which would leave a trace in your taste bud with full contentment.

Caption: The animated 'Pind" of Pind Balluchi Food Court, Delhi, India.


 The interior of the court gives you the outlook of “Pind” the villages of Punjab mixed with modern elements. For those who have a fiery taste, bud can go for Punjabi food and get an overwhelming foodie experience. The court opens at 11:00 am in the morning to 12:00 midnight while one can even have delivery at their place for an affordable price of INR 2000 for two.

5.Harrods Food Hall, London:

Having founded in 1834 by Charles Henry Harrod, the Harrod food hall has got located in the  Knightsbridge, London. The food hall is the traditional food court which has been serving the flocking residents as well as tourists with a wealthy food court and has got the name of a crown jewel for its food portfolio.

Caption: Harrods Food Hall, Kingston, London spread with international delicacies.


The hall has a separate section for the tea and caffeine lovers while another room for the seafood lovers. The building serves more than 350 varieties of cheese and drinks. So you can imagine how big the food court is as one can get lost the entire day to surf it.However, the food hall has no place to sit and enjoy the food. The food is a bit pricey while the gallery is open for seven days a week from 9:00 am to 21:00 pm and also serves a facility of delivery.

Well, when taking a tour around the world and experiencing a taste and culture of the place, the best place to go and dine would be the food court. With the traditional food and new combination, the courts allow you to get hold of the traditional meal followed by the fresh meals, so give a try to your favorite food irrespective of the price factor!