How Gel Nail Polish Bad For Natural Nails? How to Remove It From Nail?

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How Gel Nail Polish Bad For Natural Nails? How to Remove It From Nail?

Everyone loves to have beautiful and colorful nails. Gel nail polishes is a magic product if you want to make your nails beautiful but gel nail polish can weaken your nails if done regularly. This artificial nail polish system may snatch out all the beauty of your natural nails. Gel nails can allow allergy or nail resin. It can increase the risk of infection if done in an unprofessional salon. Gel nails are much more expensive than an acrylic and traditional manicure. You need to remove it; removing gel nail polish is not an easy task. LED light or UV light is needed for the curing process. So here are few tips to remove Gel nail polish at home.

Choose the best place:

Find that best corner of the home where you don’t need to worry about the clothes, furniture or floor, as the chemical solvent such as "acetone" can damage those things. You can use a mat in the place where you chose to do the task.

Getting things ready:

It is better to keep things ready before you jump into the task. Tear out the foils to the size of your fingertips. Don’t tear out more foil strip; just ten is enough for your fingernails.

Arrange all the required kits:

First of all, you need to arrange all the necessary things that you need to remove the gel. It should include foil, cotton balls, bowl, warm water, acetone, nail file, wood stick, hand cream and cuticle oil. You can buy a kit from the market, drug store. Task cannot be done properly if the kits required are not available. So, get all the required kits.

Getting things started:

First of all place a bottle of acetone, nail file, nail buffer, foil strips, cotton ball and orange stick.And make your kit ready.

Soak your nails:

At first, buff the surface of each nail using a nail file. Doing so will help acetone to break the bond faster. Now soak your nail in the small bowl of acetone, after soaking wrap up your nail with cotton balls soaked in acetone. Cover all the cotton balls with a silver foil properly. Leave the tin foil for 7 minutes.

Remove the gel:

Finally, scrape off the gel using stick wood or popsicles or a coin. Wash your hands using soap. After washing your hands again buff your nail, remove those remaining polish. Clean your hand and moisturize it well with lotion and moisturizers.

If the gel nail polish is not removed by doing the above steps, better consult your preferred salon. Don’t repeat the process as it can hamper to your beautiful nails and your health. Get your polish removed professionally. As salons use BHA free polish and LED lights, they can reduce the risk of cancer-causing agents.

After the removal of the gel, your nails may get arid; cuticles are mainly hampered so use Vaseline or Aquaphor to moisturize it. Apply it before going to bed for effective result. Don’t go for another gel nail polish, wait for a week. Cure your nails, and Keep them healthy! Healthy nails are beautiful.