Top Job Interview Tips: Improve Your Interview Performance

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Top Job Interview Tips: Improve Your Interview Performance

We have all been there or will be at a certain point in our lives: the daunting job interview. The resume has been submitted, and well, now it’s time to meet your potential employers. Job interviews are a great way to exhibit your potential, and in most cases, they are the deal makers or breakers. Even those with the best CVs need to prepare if they want to land the job. So, here are some tips so as to improve your performance in an interview:

Be Updated 

It is necessary that you remain updated about the current affairs of the company you are applying for. In today’s day and age, information is essential. The company would frequently publish regular reports and posts. Acquainting yourself with such information not only shows your keen interest in the company, which is indeed what the employers seek, but also help clarify to yourself the kind of work that you would be doing.

Straighten Your Story:

Anyone who contradicts what they mention on their CVs will surely be considered dishonest or unreliable. So, it is without doubt indispensable that you know your CV in fine detail. Gather in your mind your work experience so that you can build a solid basis for the message you relay in the interview.

Attire Speaks:

Dress properly for the interview. Convention states that you should dress in formal attire. However, the dress that you wear depends on the type of enterprise that you are applying to. If you are unsure, there is no harm in asking what sort of clothing is accepted in the company environment. It is essential to look sharp and well-groomed as well. Be comfortable in what you wear and do not overdress. In the end, your style speaks a lot about who you are.

Listen more:

The interviewer is not only testing your potential but also presenting the company in the best light possible. Thus, s/he would be providing many bits of information about the company from the very start of the interview. It is essential that you listen carefully. It can be easily be distracting, the pressure of the interview, but it is necessary to listen since it allows you to come up with appropriate answers.

Your Body Speaks as well:

Body language speaks a lot to the sub-conscious mind. Thus, it is important to demonstrate confidence. The open body language tells the interviewer that you are honest and passionate about the job. Maintain eye-contact and remain attentive and Frank. The experience can be nerve-wracking. If you are nervous, practice standing arms akimbo, or try the power-pose for a short while before the interview. This has been found trick your brain into feeling more confident.

Mind your Language:

The language that you use in a job interview should be professional, clearly spoken and with confidence. Think before answering each question so as to avoid fumbling over words. It is advisable not to use slangs or to take an extreme view on controversial subjects such as politics, religion and so forth. There is a difference between being confident and being arrogant. Be humble in what you say and do not sound overconfident in your skills as a potential employee.

Ask Questions:

Did curiosity kill the cat? It is advisable that you raise any queries that you might have had during the interview. It has two advantages. First, it clearly shows you want to be in the company or organization. And, secondly, it also helps you decide if the job would be most appropriate for you.

So take care of the points mentioned above. In the end, it comes down to what you want to portray yourself as, and an interview helps you sparkle. All the best!