After A Daughter Geri Halliwell Spicing Up Her Life Yet Again With Another Baby

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After A Daughter Geri Halliwell Spicing Up Her Life Yet Again With Another Baby

Another addition to the family, Geri Halliwell from the infamous “Spice Girls” as Ginger Spice, has welcomed her second baby, announcing it first through social media with her husband, Christian nicknaming her “Baby Spice.”

The forty-four-year-old multi-talented singer, a songwriter and an author from the hit band “The Spice Girls,” announced it first though Twitter, declaring a happy and healthy baby boy of 7lbs 8oz in weight in the morning. This baby is her first child with her husband, Christian Horner in which they had previously told she was pregnant in October of 2016. Montague George Hector Horner, the name of the baby, is not alone and has a sibling, an older sister, Bluebell Madonna Halliwell, from her first marriage.

A quick fun fact on the birth of Montague, he was born the same day as one of the members of her previous “Spice Girls,” and ironically the name of that particular member was Emma Bunton aka “Baby Spice.” Emma, forty-one, commented on Geri’s second child saying,

"I've known for a while and I've had to keep it a secret, so it's wonderful that it is out in the open," she confessed. "I'm over the moon, she is going to be an amazing mum, for the second time."

Geri was first seen together with Red Bull Formula 1 Team Principal, Christian Horner in July 2013. Soon after dating publically, she declared her romance in March of 2014, and they got married in May of 2015 in Bedfordshire, where Geri’s daughter was the bridesmaid. With nicknames given to her by fans and generating for herself as a meme “Mama Spice,” The couple have announced of their first child together.


Christmas Eve ... ??????

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Though this may be Christian’s first child, this is a second for old Gina Spice here. Geri had given birth in 14 of May 2006 to her first daughter, Bluebell Madonna Halliwell, and dated her father, Sacha Gervasi, in 2005

Currently, the happy family enjoying the presence of their newborn child to give any other comment at the moment and there is still no news or reactions from Mel. B and Victoria Beckham, who are also the member of' Spice Girl’s band but the rest is assured that they are happy.