Back to Home! Brooke Mueller Returns Home to her Kids after her Stay in Rehab

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Back to Home! Brooke Mueller Returns Home to her Kids after her Stay in Rehab

She is coming home! Brooke Mueller has completed her most difficult period of her life after her time in rehab following a rocky incident involving her children last fall.

The 39-year-old former wife of Charlie Sheen has returned home with her family after she was hospitalized last year. Mueller, the former reality star was treated for one month after admitting herself in December. Brooke was found walking barefoot and looked in a dilemma near a bar in Salt Lake City in Utah with her children, seven-year-old Bob and Max. Mueller’s mother, Moira Wolofsky Fiore, told PEOPLE:

“Brooke is out of inpatient rehab and currently in an outpatient program just outside of Park City, She takes her twins to school, and then drives to her treatment each day.”

Brooke’s representative told E! News:

"Brooke is back home with her kids after having spent the past several months working on her sobriety, which she will continue to do as she looks forward to a healthy 2017,"

Brooke’s mother Moria Fiore has been taking care of her two children which she had with Charlie Sheen: twins Max and Bob, aged seven.

Moria Fiore told ET:

 'I'm really proud of how well Brooke is doing after her treatment plan and being a full time mom again. She's very committed to being the best mom and staying healthy.

Brooke went missing with a nanny and her two sons last November. Moreover, on 16th November, the Utah Department of Public Safety received a welfare check call from a woman claiming to be Mueller's mother, Moria Fiore. Brooke was finally found on Interstate 15 near Nephi, Utah.

In November of 2016, Charlie Sheen‘s ex Brooke had gone off of her medications. Nevertheless, she was quickly treated at the rehab center. Brooke stayed for a few weeks until she was able to join the outpatient program. Moreover, Brooke has a troubled history of drugs addiction. But all's well that ends well. She is now drug-free and ready to take on her family life once again.