InkMaster Chris Blinston Arrested After Allegedly Smothering His Daughter

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InkMaster Chris Blinston Arrested After Allegedly Smothering His Daughter

Chris Blinston, the Ink Master star, was arrested on charges of felony domestic battery by strangulation after he choked his daughter following an argument during a custody visit at his house on Tuesday, 29th August.

Blinston's daughter, who is 5'1'', 110 pounds, told a therapist that her father, who is 5'11'', 220 pounds, strangled her twice on Tuesday, which later precipitated a police investigation.

According to the police report procured by Tmz, Blinston grappled her around the neck and clutched her airway; restraining her to breathe for 10 seconds. When Blinstion finally let go of her, she said,

"You just choked me, after everything that's gone on the past two days, you're choking me!"

As per the reports, Chris augmented furious and grabbed her again by the neck. This time her airway was cut off for another 6 to 7 seconds. The report further claims Blinston called his daughter with cruel names, which included "mental skank."

Chris even allegedly told her if she shared about the incident with anyone, there would be hell to pay!

When cops initiated their investigation, they noticed the evident marks on her neck to be consistent with strangulation. However, Chris completely denies to all of the allegations and states he is looking forward to a full vindication, intending to reconcile with his daughter.

Chris was released from the custody this Friday, 1st of September, after posting $6,000 bond.

Chris Blinston's Wiki-Like Bio.

American reality TV star, Chris Blinston, who is famously known for his appearance on the sixth season of Spike TV's Inkmaster, was born on August 1, 1974, and is 43 years in age.

Caption: A glance at Chris's appearance in the Ink Master S6.

Followed by his love and passion towards artwork, Blinston also owned and operated tattoo parlors in Nebraska and Florida. Chris is also the first and Only artist to have won 28 “Best of Show” Awards at Consecutive National Conventions.

Before he started his career as a tattoo artist, he was the United States Marine Corps Corporal from 1992 till 1996. He also is a community advocate and has a community volunteering experience of many years.

He is a father of two sons and a daughter. However, the identity of his children, along with their mother, possibly his wife, remains confined for some undisclosed reasons.

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