Australian Singer Dannii Minogue Returns to Melbourne With Her Boyfriend After Festival Opening! Plan to Getting Married?

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Australian Singer Dannii Minogue Returns to Melbourne With Her Boyfriend After Festival Opening! Plan to Getting Married?

When most of the stars try to keep their relationship behind the curtains, the Australian singer Dannii Minogue is seen flaunting her man in the Melbourne Festival opening. Maybe she is so confident about the longevity of her relationship that’s why she has introduced her man or is she on the verge of getting married to her man?

So, today we shall cover the news of her personal life and get a hold of her marriage plan if she intends to get married to her man.

When are they planning to get Married?

Singer Dannii Minogue official announced a relationship with Adrain Newman in the month of January 2014. Despite confirming about their relationship, the lady chose to keep her lips sealed in case of her meeting events with her man.

However, the duo was spotted together at the Adelaide Feast Festival. As posted by on 23rd October 2016, the lady was there in Adelaide for the annual gay and lesbian festival. The paparazzi clicked them together while they were at the airport while they were heading back to Melbourne.

Caption: Newman with  Dannii Minogue at the airport of Adelaide (2016).


When talking about marriage, the lady has not spoken anything regarding the wedding. But, Dannii and her new bee were spotted together while enjoying a family holiday last year in 2014 with her son, from her boyfriend Kris Smith at Bilgola Beach in Sydney, Australia.

Caption: Newman with Dannii and son Ethan at Bilgola Beach (2014).


On an interview posted by on 11th March 2014, she spoke about her relationship with Newman, she said:

‘‘I am happy! There’s nothing more to say on that. I’m happy.’’

Dannii's expression towards her boyfriend did not only end here, but it created an additional sensation when she claimed Newman to be a 'hot' music producer on an interview with on 22nd October 2014.

The pair is still together in 2016, as the things might be going well between Dannii and her boyfriend Newman making them continue their relationship. And if things go well between the two of them like the way it is now they might soon get married as well.

How long is her Dating History?

In the year 1994, the lady married her co-star  Julian McMahon from the series Home and Away. She met her man in the year 1991, while she was working with Julian.

Caption: Julian McMahon and Dannii Minogue married in Melbourn (1994).


Although the lady has not revealed about her marriage events, she broke-up with Julian McMahon in the year in 1995 just after a year of the wedding. No reason for the sudden separation has been made till date. But as reported by Wikipedia, in the month of October 1995, she posed for a nude picture in the Playboy magazine. On an explanation to such act she said:

"just had a marriage break-up. Most women go to the hairdressers – I did Playboy. I chose the photographer, the location, what I did or didn't want to wear and everything else about the pictures. I found it a really liberating, empowering experience". The edition featuring Minogue sold out in under four days and became one of the best-selling editions in Australia."

After the separation, Julian McMahon is married to Kelly Paniagua, an actress after two years of continuous dating.

Similarly, in October 1999, Dannii got engaged to  French Canadian Formula One driver Jacques Villeneuve. No incidents of the meeting have ever been disclosed by the lady about her affairs.

But, in the year 2001, they moved in their way after remaining engaged for approximately two years. No fatal reason has been given by Dannii nor by Jacques, while he is reported to be currently single.

Caption: Jacques Villeneuve with Dannii Minogue (2000).


After her separation in the year 2001,  Dannii Minogue started dating music producer and Bros bassist Craig Logan in early 2002. The duo is said to have met while recording the song for the Neon Nights.

Caption: Craig Logan with singer Dannii Minogue(2002).


In March 2002, some media claimed about their engagement, but  As posted by on 1st March 2002, the duo was spotted kissing and fondling. The insider of the British Newspaper stated:

"Dannii and Craig got engaged a few weeks ago but they've been trying to keep it quiet.It's her third engagement and she didn't want it to get out because people might make fun of her. But Dannii and Craig do seem very much in love, for the moment, anyway.”

However, no confirmation had been made by the pair regarding their engagement but in the same year 2002, December the duo ended their relationship. The couple separated after 16moths of dating together.and just parted before Christmas. Currently, no dating scenario of the man has been obtained.

In the year 2008, August the news of  Dannii Minogue dating the ex-professional rugby player Kris Smith hit the headline. The couple met on the 30th birthday of the man in Ibiza.

Caption: Krish Smith with Dannii Minogue at Myer Spring/Summer 09/10 Collection Launch.


The relationship of the duo changed drastically after the lady announced the news of her being pregnant on 9th January 2010, after she got her 12 weeks scan report.

On 5th August 2010, she gave birth to her son Ethan Edward Minogue-Smith at Royal Women's Hospital in Melbourne weighing 8 lb 3oz. As posted on on 7th July 2010, she stated about her unplanned incidents. She said:

"I was always like, I'm not going to have kids, but now I say to Kris (Smith), 'What if I really start enjoying this and want to have more'?'' 

She added:

"He's wanted us to have a baby from the very, very beginning and just loves it.''

Caption: Krish Smith with Dannii Minogue and son Ethan Edward Minogue-Smith at Heathrow Airport (2010).


Immediately after two years of their childbirth,  Dannii announced the news of her separation with the child’s father through her Twitter account in the year 4th April 2012.

Well, the lady has a long sequence of dating as well as marriage history. Maybe the list is long due to lack of compatibility with the people she dated, or there might be just infatuation for the people she dated. We all hope this time she gets a better partner and a father for her son well-being.