ESPN's Mike Golic And His Wife Reveal Their Family Tradition, What Do Their Kids Have To Say About That?

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ESPN's Mike Golic And His Wife Reveal Their Family Tradition, What Do Their Kids Have To Say About That?

We often hear our parents telling us to be either a doctor or an engineer. Never once did they tell to follow your dreams and join subject that we want to get into thoroughly. Lucky, is the ESPN analyst Mike Golic who has the secret family tradition which is quite similar to the profession he has chosen.

Today we shall learn about Mike Golic family tradition and learn about their kids acknowledge their tradition.

Know About His Married Life?

Mike Golic married to Christine Golic in the year 1987. The player has not revealed anything about his dating events and his marriage events. However, the man is blessed with three children Mike Jr born on 28th September 1989, Jake born on 25th December 1990 and daughter Sydney-born on 28th September 1994.

Caption: Mike with wife Christin on 14th August 2014.


Besides the birth date of the children, no information about their birth details was flashed. But the entire family resides in a house in  Avon, Connecticut and has a net worth of $ 15 million while he earns the salary of $5 million.

The football star accumulated the lump sum amount from his playing career, i.e., football game as a defensive attacker, broadcasting career where he became the co-host of Mike and Mike on the ESPN radio where he received the Emmy Award for the mid-Atlantic region for "Golic's Got it" show.

Family Tradition: Since how long has it been going on?

The analyst himself with his wife and her three children are just so into the athletic field. As posted by on 28th October 2015, the ESPN host has a full swing of a star athlete in his family who has been enrolled in the Notre Dam, Athlete school including he and his brothers. 

Similarly, his wife Christi is a runner who hails from St.Mary’s School, the sister school of Notre Damn.

As posted on on 19th January 2016, Mike spoke about his experience in the Notre Dam, he said:

“That’s something I’ve had to deal with my whole life, because of the career path I put myself on from an early age.When I got to Notre Dame, you heard a lot of those things. When you’re trying to play pro ball after that you hear a lot of those things. There will always be those people, no matter what I wanted to do, that will say I got something because of my last name.”

Mike JR. also talked about his dad being his idol and about his inclination towards the sports in his family.

“him and my mom met at Notre Dame, so wanting to go out there, that was something unique and special that I’ve really grown up around, and really was brainwashed since birth, to be honest. I was never pressured into anything, but those were the things I gravitated towards because these were the things that made my parents become the people they are.”

The family tradition still continues, when the ESPN star enrolled his children two sons Mike and Jake in the football team while his daughter Sydney is a senior and a swimmer. The man posted the picture of his family on 26th December 2015,

On an interview posted on YouTube, the pair has spoken about their athletic family and the ups and down faced by the player during the football play.

Caption: Christine and Mike Golic on an interview posted on 6th June 2013.

Recently, the football cholic family launched a new concept of  “ The Golic Cooler,”  pregame tailgating party which specially designed for the football lover and foodaholic fan followers. 

As posted by on 16th June 2015, the brothers and sisters came up with the idea of making the cool box and expressed about its functioning and comfort that the crazy football lovers shall get. As stated by Mike Golic, he said:

“The seats that we have in mind are comfortable seats as well, two people can sit on it.”

Similarly, the family tradition has been kept alive and has consistently been followed when his daughter recently graduated from the Notre Dame. The proud father  rejuvenated by posting the picture of his daughter Sydney's graduation ceremony on 5th May 2016:

Well, the tradition has started since a long time while his father and mother are both football lover. The family is a football fan and crazy football players, and as an icing on the cake, his daughter has made the father proud by graduating from the same college which was once his part of life.