Exclusive: Hot Model Megan Gale Reveals Her Motivation Behind Her Cancer Awareness Campaign!

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Exclusive: Hot Model Megan Gale Reveals Her Motivation Behind Her Cancer Awareness Campaign!

Meghan Gale who is best known for her role of Valkyrie in Mad Max had joined the campaign against Cancer and its awareness program i.e. Movember Men’s health moment. But what was the motivation behind that moment?

Megan Gale has officially joined the Movember men's health movement. Moreover, she has also disclosed why the cause is very close to her and her partner Shaun Hampson's heart.

Megan Gale spoke on Today show on Tuesday and revealed that both of their father passed too soon due to cancer.

Megan Gale’s dad died prematurely in 2014 due to asbestos-related lung cancer, few months after AFL player Shaun Hampson’s dad. Megan told hosts Karl Stefanovic and Sylvia Jeffreys that his dad passed away from prostate cancer, she said;

"Movember and men's health is a cause close to my heart, and my partner has been doing it for three years," 

she added;

 "My dad sadly passed away a few months later. Men's health is very much in the forefront our minds and something we are very passionate about."


I didn't plan on speaking about my Dad's passing in this interview as I haven't really publicly divulged this very painful part of my life until now. One, it's just been too difficult to talk about. Two, there was never really the appropriate forum to do so until now and lastly, I really wanted to respect my family & their privacy and not draw attention to Dad when he was unwell and to the family after he'd passed. While it's still not been an easy thing for me to talk about, seeing as Shaun and myself were with @lukedennehy to speak about @Movember and men's health, it just seemed like the right opportunity to open up about this. My dear Dad left us back in August 2014 from asbestos related lung cancer. Back in the day, he worked for years in asbestos filled environments, well before we knew just how fatal asbestos could be and the full impact it had on people's health. After having friends of his succumb to asbestosis, he was diligent about check ups regarding this disease and he was even given the all clear at his final check up before he was diagnosed. It would seem that they'd overlooked some early signs of illness even back then ???? Dad couldn't have felt healthier at the time, apart from a pulling pain in his rib cage. He went to get it checked out (after some nagging from myself and Mum) and it was then that he was told he had stage 4 lung cancer. I definitely don't want to panic people into thinking they could have a terminal disease, however I do want to take this opportunity to encourage people to listen to their bodies, don't dismiss or delay any visits to the doctor (perhaps even get a second opinion) and stay on top of your health because being healthy is such a wonderful gift that we often take for granted. ???????????????? From myself, Shaun and both our families thank you #heraldsun and @lukedennehy for your lovely article today and for handling it with the sensitivity and respect that it deserves and also for shining a light on men's health, @movember and my collaboration with @unclejackwatches for this very special cause ???????????????? #MGXUJXMOVEMBER Thank you everyone for your kind words of support and sharing your stories. It means so much to us. ????????????????

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Movember campaign is that moment to change the face of men’s healthy and it also encourages as well as motivates people to donate funds as well as sponsor men who grow mustaches in the month of November in support of the cause. Those causes might be men’s health issues as like prostate cancer.

With the motive of supporting Movember, This year Meghan Gale is an official Mo Sister, and she teamed up with Uncle Jack Watches and Movember and designed a limited edition watch, while 10% of proceeds would go to a charity organization.