Miss World 2013, Megan Young Dating With Boyfriend Mikael Daez in Japan

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Miss World 2013, Megan Young Dating With Boyfriend Mikael Daez in Japan

"The Queen has apparently revealed her king!!"

Miss World 2013, Megan Young, makes the revelation about her relationship with Kapuso actor/host Mikael Daez appear vague by keeping her lips tight and letting the pictures do the talk.

Caption: Actor Mikael Daez and Megan Young; Early Mornings in Tsukiji Market

Actor Mikael Daez too accompanied Young by remaining silent whenever the questions about his relationship status were raised. However, in one of the interviews, Daez also mentioned about the essence of these pictures, “I guess, I will let the photos speak for themselves.”

He also added that they would leave things at a “cliffhanger” for the time being.

Megan Young posted a slightly blurred photo on Instagram in 2014 that read: “Make every moment count. Make each memory amazing.". Despite the blurredness hindering the view, the man superimposed on the image can be conveniently identified as Mikael Daez, the long rumored Megan’s boyfriend.

On the other hand, Mikael Daez also posted a photo on Instagram with caption ‘BW.' By looking the picture, we can imagine that it’s got to be Black and White or it may be indicating something more intense.

Although Megan has not officially confirmed Mikael as her boyfriend, both couple has been posting photos on Instagram, and latest was of that in Japan. Miss World 2013 has been uploading their pictures together addressing Daez as her ‘travel buddy’.

Megan has stated times and again that she attempts to keep her personal life within herself and still the flow of photographs with her "buddy Daez" shows no symptoms of stopping. All of this points that she is trying to relay the news that she wants the world to acknowledge. The most beautiful lady in the world probably exercising the most perplexing way of revelation. Who knows?

GMA News Online quoted her saying:

“When it comes to me and my personal life, I try to keep as much as I can to myself because so much of us as personalities are really out there. Whatever I share online, that’s something really special that I like to share. The videos that we share of our travels, that’s something genuine that we want to share with everyone. How we are as people, behind the camera. That’s something we enjoy together, and we’re happy that people enjoy watching the videos that we post about our lives.”

The Couple has together visited numbers of places, including South Africa, Japan, Singapore and also a secret beach in Subic.

Together in Japan:

Among the places she traveled, she has mentioned Japan's visit in June of 2016 as her favorite one citing the culture and food as reasons. Considering how happy she appears in her photos, the principal reason, however, seems to be the presence of Mikael itself.

In an interview with the press in 2015 organized to reveal her hosting job at ‘starstruck,' she also talked about her willingness to work alongside Mikael. She said:

“Why not work with Mikael, I mean he’s a friend, and I’ve known him for a really long time.So, it would be interesting,” 

The precise time that they apparently started dating is still unknown but as the photographs of them together have been in the Instagram feeds since 2011, it can be assumed to be the date of their relationship's commencement.

Finally, Mikael admits!



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Filipino Actor Mikael Daez has revealed at the end his relationship with Miss World of 2013, Megan Young. As reported by Rappler, the actor, Mikael Daez who spoke to the media about the relationship in February of 2017, shared that both of them have been together for six years. He admitted:

"People will be surprised, because they don't realise how long how we've been together. This is the first time I'm putting it on record,"

Moreover, Daez said that the only reason both had to keep their relationship private before this time was due to his onscreen partnership which he shared with Andrea Torres. During that time in 2003, Young was still busy with her responsibilities as Miss World as well as with ABS-CBN.

Whenever he was asked about their plans to get married shortly, Daez responded,

 "Work comes first. But I think beyond that, it's important that we know what our relationship is all about. What matters is how we connect to each other."

Megan Lynne Young is a Filipino-American beauty queen, model, host, actress as well as former Miss World, 2013. Following her triumph in Miss World Philippines in 2013, she marched to greater heights when she bagged the crown of Miss World later that year. Young is currently under contract with GMA Network, a major broadcast television in the Philippines.

Mikael Daez is a Filipino Actor, News Anchor, Commercial Model and Television host. Daez is best known for his role in the remake of Hit blockbuster “Temptation Island” which hit the theaters in 1980.