Reality TV Star Jon Gosselin in T.G.I. Friday's: As a Cook!

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Reality TV Star Jon Gosselin in T.G.I. Friday's: As a Cook!

Jon Gosselin has  been working at T.G.I. Friday's, Lancaster, PA franchise as a cook for a few months, prepping and cooking family fare.

Caption : Jon Gosselin with his co-workers


Jon Gosselin works as a cook for Lancaster, PA franchise, Pennsylvania location of   T.G.I. Friday’s as per TMZ. John Gosselin, who is also a former TLC reality star, has been preparing meals for families for chain restaurants on Fridays.

Well, the only thing we can predict is he is happy and loving his new job. This photo also shows that this reality TV star is happy and smiling along with his co-workers.

"I only work there 8 hours a week, because I like to do it," Gosselin, 39, shares. "Why can’t I work at a restaurant? I like to cook." Said Jon.

Reason behind the job:

The best part of Jon’s new job is that he gets to be DJ once a month. Well, he loves music for sure, doesn’t he? It has also come to know that this father of eight children is working to help his friend who is in need. After all “A Friend in need is a friend in need”.

"I took the job at Friday's because my friend needed help in the kitchen for the sauté line," Gosselin told E! News. "I've always been passionate about cooking, and I ended up donating that paycheck to various children's charities in my area" He added.

Feeling working for others:

He also explained how he felt helping others.

“For the first time in a long time, it was a job that I had that wasn’t about what was good for Jon. I was helping someone else and it felt good.”

"I’m so thankful TGI Fridays hired me as a cook -- just as me, not the reality TV me. They respect what I do,” he gushed. "It’s a passion of mine."

At least we can say all hail to Jon Gosselin. He’s been persuading his interest and other hand helping TGI Friday’s paycheck to charity.