Rest in Peace Dear! Musician Thom Yorke's Previous Partner Rachel Owen Dies at the Tender Age of 48!

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Rest in Peace Dear! Musician Thom Yorke's Previous Partner Rachel Owen Dies at the Tender Age of 48!

The artist and lecturer Rachel Owen took her last breathe on Sunday, 18th December because of Cancer. The former partner of the Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke was in unfavorable health condition since last year which caused her untimely demise at a tender age of 48.

She was battling Cancer, and despite her illness, she pleaded to continue her lecture in Pembroke College and retired only at the end of last Michaelmas term.

Dr. Rachel Owen was one of the retained lecturers of Pembroke College-Oxford University. The college shared their sorrow and expressed,

” It is with great sadness that the College marks the death of Dr. Rachel Owen, who was a Retained Lecturer in Italian here at Pembroke.”

A huge number of people mourned for Owen on Twitter.

With her talent of mixing photography and printmaking, she was well-known internationally and at the very time a scholar in medieval Italian literature. She studied Italian and fine arts at Exeter University which contributed in flourishing her talent. Then moving on to Royal Holloway, London, she completed her Ph.D. on the illustrations of the early manuscripts of Dante’s Divine Comedy. And as a retained lecturer, she used to illustrate Dante’s Devine Comedy to Pembroke’s finalists in Italian.

Her latest artistic productions seem inspired by the very first book of Divine Comedy the Contos of the Dante. The series of prints is bound to exhibited in the Pembroke’s JCR Art Gallery during Trinity term.

The internationally renowned artist first met Thom while she was at the University of Exeter. After being together for 23 years, they separated in August 2015. They share two children together, Noah(2001) and Agnes (2004).

Caption: After the relation of 23 years, Owen and Yorke separated in August 2015.

After separation, Yorke stated,

“Rachael and I have separated. After 23 highly creative and happy years, for various reasons we have gone our separate ways. It’s perfectly amicable and has been common knowledge for some time.”

The break up of Thom and Owen is assumed to have influenced the latest album of Radiohead, i.e. The Moon Shaped Pool. In one of the songs titled 'Daydreaming,' the repetition of the phrase 'broken hearts make it rain' is speculated to be dedicated to Owen.

We would like to present our deepest sympathy to the family of Owen in their hard time and may the soul of talented personality rest in peace.