Richie Strahan in Next Season of "The Bachelor": Dating 22 Women at a Time

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Richie Strahan in Next Season of "The Bachelor": Dating 22 Women at a Time

Many people have been eagerly waiting to see gorgeous ladies fighting to win the heart of Richie Strahan on season four of ‘The Bachelors.' The thirst of curiosity has finally been quenched as ‘The Herald Sun’ has released 22 beautiful contestants, who are set to blaze screen on fire. Richie would be seen dating 22 young ladies on screen. Jealous?

There are several reasons that Riche Strahan is 'the bachelor" in 2016. He’s kind, gorgeous, loves his family and of course,  is cool. He’s hot as well. He is also ‘road access technician’, which means he’ll be getting dirty. Most ladies prefer the men who are rough and tough, don’t they?

About Richie:

Riche Strahan was rejected by Sam Frost on The Bachelorette but he has put the disappointment behind to come back with a bang on 2016. As mentioned on Network Ten, Richie loves riding bikes, surfing, camping, fishing and of course, playing AFL. He has given a nickname to himself as ‘the genuine Aussie bloke’.

“I am feeling excited, nervous but mostly thrilled about potentially meeting the woman of my dreams,” says Richie in a statement.

“I am hoping that through this experience I will meet someone who shares my passion for life, someone that I can wake up to every morning and know I have found that special person that I can spend the rest of my life with.”  He has added.

Riche’s old friend and ‘The bachelor’ Australia presenter Osher Gunsberg has also expressed few words regarding ‘The bachelor’

“I could not think of anybody better. Of course, I am biased because I got to know Richie quite well in 2015, however, I know that I share the sentiment of anyone that watched ‘The Bachelorette Australia’ when I say, all I want is for him to find the right person.

“I am very excited for this season because Australia is already behind Richie. In 2016, we get to help him find love. How good is that?”

Richie's taste of ladies:

Although Richie Strahan is silent about ladies before the start of the show, he did drop a serious hint about his ‘lady of dreams’. He spoke to NW on the Logies red carpet and he poured out, “Well you’ll just have to tune in, you know you can’t ask me too many questions about that! You can probably tell by the smile on my face, though!”

Why Richie's best for Bachelors 2016:



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He's hot indeed.



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He's got sex appeal oozing out from his body and has a challenging job!



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He's one of his kind.


She had me at hello ????

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He's an animal lover and girls love animals, don't they?

Bachelor series has wrapped up filming portion of Bachelor series in Bali, Indonesia. Man of the moment, Richie Strahan, has already been a topic of gossip and shared his experience to daily telegraph where he mentioned he was’ happy’.

'I’m definitely happy,' he stated to the newspaper. 'This has been such an unreal, crazy rollercoaster ride and I’ve loved every moment of it.'

Is the Relation Already Over?


The moment I met my Valentine, my partner in crime, my love. ??

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Both of them found love on The Bachelor in 2016 and have been seemingly happy ever since. But now reports have emerged that Alex Nation and Richie Strahan are currently heading to splits Ville with fresh revelations that have surfaced on the couple's demise as they spent weekends apart recently.

According to New Idea, a friend said:

 'Alex's little boy Elijah had spent the weekend with his dad. Usually when this happens, she makes most of her time and heads straight to Perth to see Richie.

This recent comment comes after Richie Strahan posted a photo on her Instagram with no sign of Alex in the frame.


Sundays spent well ????

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The Former Bachelor of the show was seen driving around Western Australia recently in a convertible car with the caption 'Sundays well spent' without his leading lady love by his side.

The lack of interaction between the two couple comes after Richie Strahan and Alex Nation were seen in a reported fight in Perth, Australia leaving Alex in tears in the street of Perth.

NW Magazine has reported that the couple was having a fight in public before breaking down in front of the cameras.