Shocking News! Aspiring Comedian Andre Arruda Died at a Tender Age of 33!

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Shocking News! Aspiring Comedian Andre Arruda Died at a Tender Age of 33!

Andre Arruda, Canadian comedian as well as an actor who is best known for his role in the movie American Pie: The Naked Mile died on 28th January 2017.

At the end of the day, the disease won, and Andre lost. Canadian actor and comedian Andre Arruda died this week after a lifelong bout with Morquio syndrome, a rare congenital disability disease associated with dwarfism at a tender age of only 33 years.

Arruda died this Saturday due to pneumonia which is a complication correlated to Morquio syndrome, a genetic disease that stunted his growth at three feet tall.

Growing up, he underwent various spinal fusion surgeries to correct his compressing spine but was strong enough to avoid sympathies, as stated by his friends.

Confirming the actor/comedian's death, Andre’s agent, Jana Abrams uploaded a post on her Facebook page,

"As an actor, comedian writer, Andre will always be remembered as the little man who gave us great laughs,"

Moreover, Andre's brother, Mark Arruda expressed:

"I think when people were laughing, they were seeing beyond some of the things he didn't want them to focus on.I think it's how he coped with his challenges growing up."

Andre Arruda was a natural born performer, both actor, and comedian and had exploratory neck surgery in Grade 2 which extended his life by years. A series of grinding operations followed throughout the years, but all of it went in vein.

Many renowned celebrities also expressed their sorrow through Twitter.

Andre Arruda was born in Kitchener, Ontario, on March 11, 1983. The Toronto-based actor/comedian was mostly known by his stage name Andre "the Anti-Giant" Arruda. His stand-up act in comedy often started with Arruda, who was slightly more than 3 feet tall grabbing the audience with his well-known verse,"I know what you're thinking. … Yes, I'm Portuguese."