Calvin Pryor Is Part Of An Exchange Deal! What Happens To His Contract With Jets Now?

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Calvin Pryor Is Part Of An Exchange Deal! What Happens To His Contract With Jets Now?

In a recent turn of events, Calvin Pryor's time with the New York Jets has come to an end as the Jets have now agreed to trade Calvin to the Cleveland Browns. Linebacker Demario Davis, who also is a former Jet, is the one heading back to the Jets and replacing Calvin as part of the deal.

Calvin shared this news over on social media.


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This news came after the New York Jets declined their option to exercise on the contract of safety Calvin Pryor for the 2018 season.

Jets might, however, rue the fact that they traded Pryor over to the Browns despite it is no rocket science that the Jets did not have Pryor on their long run plans as Pryor is someone who is a valuable asset to any team he is part of.

Pryor was the Jets’ 2014 draft's first-round pick, and the then-coach Rex Ryan spoke him up as a "playmaker," the one would stand out in the team’s defense. Pryor, who played out his 2017 contract, started 38 games for the Jets over his first three seasons and he fared as well as many of Coach Ryan’s other predictions over the years.

Pryor's Career Stats And Contract.

Calvin Pryor previously signed a four-year, $8,563,253 worth contract with the New York Jets. His contract included a $4,547,820 signing bonus, a $8,563,253 guaranteed amount, and an average yearly salary worth $2,140,813.

Calvin's 2017 contract also included a cap hit value of $1,587,716 and a dead cap amount of $1,587,716.  That surely had a tangible impact on his net worth which, as of now, remains confined to Pryor.

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Someone who was offered a lucrative contract as such is surely worth the money, and he proved it season by season as his career stats are the proof to it.

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His stats does not do justice to the man's abilities, and the fans of the Browns now are in for a treat as the man still has a lot to deliver in his career.

Caption: Calvin Pryor's 2015 Season Highlights with the Jets. Published on Jan 15, 2016.

Furthermore, did you know, Calvin was once approached by a dating reality show to be a part of it, and he almost became the star of the show. But thanks to his girlfriend, he did not take part in it.

He explained,

“My agent called and asked me if I wanted to be,I thought it was a very cool idea with being on TV, the brand, and everything like that. It would have been fun to take all of them on dates.”

Talking about how his girlfriend vetoed him, he said,

"She cut me off before I could explain the details. I really didn't know if I could just do it for fun, or if it would have to be a serious thing. Once I asked my girlfriend, and she said 'no,' that ended that."

 The man who stole a lot of ladies' hearts was thus unable to see women fight for his love.

Regardless, he has been a successful man on an off the field, and we would like to wish him the very best in the days to come.