Golfer Sam Torrence's Family: Awesome Wife, Beautiful Daughters and Talented Son, What More Do You Need?

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Golfer Sam Torrence's Family: Awesome Wife, Beautiful Daughters and Talented Son, What More Do You Need?

It doesn’t matter how much you accomplish in your professional life if your personal life is a mess. Luckily for golfer Sam Torrance this is not the case. Learn about him and his perfectly sorted professional and personal life.

Sam Torrance is a professional golfer, but out of all, he has accomplished nothing compares to all he has achieved. Learn about his personal life perfect with an excellent wife and talented children and also a recent sorrow in his life.

His Personal Life: Married and Wife?

Sam Torrance has one of the most envious lives among many others. He is currently married to an English actress Suzanne Danielle since 1988 and is still going strong with no signs of divorce.

They have presently been married for 28 years and have three children together. Here is a picture of her he posted on Twitter wishing her a happy anniversary

Golfer Son:

Sam’s son, Daniel has been trying to prove that his Dad is not the only golfer in the family. The last we heard from him, he was winning golf world of his league. This was back in September 2003 when he was just 15 years old. Now too he continues to better himself at the game following in the footsteps of his father. Here is a picture on twitter of them together with another family member on the right.

Model Daughters:

Sam Torrance daughters are also not very backward in making her father proud. If his son is following in his footsteps as a golfer, then his daughters have embarked on the footsteps of their mother. Their daughter, Anouska is a model and Phoebe is an actress as well as a model. He looks like he is really proud of them judging by the picture below.

His Father’s Death:

There may, however, be one thing that he would change about his personal life. That was the death of his father and mentor, Bob Torrance died. The well-known golfer died at the age of 82 battling lung cancers on July 2014. His funeral took place at the Greenock Crematorium while golfers like Tiger Woods, Tom Watson, and Derren Clarke wore black ribbons on their hats in the open championship to honor and tribute the former Ryder Cup winner.

But death is only the start of a new beginning. Sam still has a long happy life to live ahead.  He holds a great net worth of 10 million dollars. He has a happy professional as well as family life.