Kelly Holmes: See if She is Secretly Married or a Gay/Lesbian, Partner?

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Kelly Holmes: See if She is Secretly Married or a Gay/Lesbian, Partner?

Celebrities and their singlehood frequently become a hot gossip topic. Similarly, the secretive relationship status and sexual orientation of Kelly Holmes has been a topic of discussion. So, today we are focusing on Kelly Holmes and identifying the reality of her life.

Caption: Kelly Holmes at her cafe, located in her hometown Kent


Is she Lesbian/Gay or Secretly Married? Partner?

Yes, she is single and is tagged with the title of lesbian. As published on Answers, she was claimed to be in a relationship with her female trainer. However, on an interview with Independent as published on 9th April 2011, she states about having a secret crush with Jonah Lomu, with whom she was inFamous and Fearless.

However, as posted on her twitter account on 11th Feb 2011, she tweets about having a husband. She clearly mentions about being 32 years old and having a working husband.

Similarly, the lady considers herself to be too old to get kids. On an interview published by The Guardian as on 1st May 2015, she said:

I’ve never been maternal and I’m way too old and independent to have kids now. And far too selfish. I’m very happy I have five nieces and two nephews, but I’m also happy that I can hand them back to their parents.”

Thus, this clearly shows that the lady is neither gay nor married. However, she might be having a secret partner which she is unwilling to disclose due to her good media image, so we are compelled to be content on her saying of being unmarried.

Short Bio of Kelly Holmes:

Kelly Holmes was born on 1970 in Kent. Before joining athletes on 1997 she joined British army as a trainer. In the year 2004, she achieved gold medals for 800m and 1500m in the Olympics conducted in Athens. She also received the title of BBC Sports Personality of the year. In the year 2005, she retired from the athletics. She has started her own cafe 1809 at Hildenborough, at her hometown.