Revealing The Biggest Secret: IS wrestling Fake or True?

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Revealing The Biggest Secret: IS wrestling Fake or True?

Some questions are answered with “Yes” whereas others with a “No”. However, the question of whether wrestling is fake or not is one such exceptional question that comes with both answers: Yes and No.

Here, I have illustrated why, with supporting ideas and facts on both opinions:

Yes, wrestling is fake:

“Professional wrestling (colloquially abbreviated to pro wrestling or wrestling) is an athletic form of entertainment based on a portrayal of a combat sport.” – Wikipedia

From the aforementioned definition, we can derive that wrestling is a form of entertainment. And like many entertainment-related shows, Wrestling’s outcomes, the period of time and winners are predetermined and choreographed. They are more like a performance where the wrestlers perform in accordance with the crowd’s reaction and circumstance. Wrestlers are told to execute their action in the way their fans want to see manipulating them. They work as a master illusionist.

Watch as Batista disappoint you with his overselling:

 Undoubtedly, the interference by the third party just at the very moment when the count reaches the final bell is a well-discussed move. The exaggeration is another important element of wrestling where the effects of moves are visibly elaborated. Also, the punching is made more audible with the stamping of feet on the ground. It is way different than the ones we see in professional boxing matches. How often have we noticed Undertaker anticipating a reacting punch after he has punched Kane?


Also, the issues of love and hatred are identical to melodrama that we can witness in soap operas and movies. Boogeyman kissing Sharmell, Booker T’s love interest was a sheer drama and so were other events that fascinated WWE fans. 

Here are few of those simulations and proofs that show you that WWE is more than just a genuine competition.

No, Wrestling isn’t fake:

Simultaneously, Wrestling is also about authentic and real happenings to a significant extent.


The predetermination of the final results and course of actions doesn’t necessarily mean every element is fake. Wrestling isn’t something that can be done by every tom, dick and harry. It requires an athletic, well-built and trained professional to pull those moves. The ring obviously isn’t concrete. It may be equipped with limited padding but they still aren’t enough to avert the soreness and pain. The following video shows how rings are made.

Yes! Wrestlers still land on a solid surface:

While doing their moves, they are undoubtedly exposed to the risk of being maimed or even killed. Mick Foley having his ear ripped off, Scott Steiner suffering damaged trachea and other professionals suffering the similar fate were no joke.

They were not pretending any of it. Similarly, bumps and falls are not performed with the assistance of wires. They fall and get hurt. The steel chair and tables may not be the usual sturdy ones but they are undoubtedly steel. The course of actions to be executed is determined earlier. But that doesn’t mean the stunts are not executed. They are executed with preciseness, loads of practice and of course true dedication.

The famous Brock Lesnar explains about it in the video embedded below:

Fake is very ugly and inappropriate term clinging on Wrestling’s back.

Wrestling can be seen as both exaggerated fake drama as well as real actions. It all depends on how you define fake or real. However, until the moment wrestling continues to serve entertainment to people, it will be gladly embraced. The fact that it is fake or true can hardly impact its popularity with the mass.