Sonny Gray's Trade Turned Out To Be Lucky For Him? Has A Contract That Goes Down To Arbitration In 2018

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Sonny Gray's Trade Turned Out To Be Lucky For Him? Has A Contract That Goes Down To Arbitration In 2018

The Oakland Athletics starter, Sonny Douglas Gray got traded to New York Yankees undergoing a deal of a few million dollars this season. The coalition of the pitcher and the Yankees have since been tested to identify if the trade genuinely went lucky for the righty Sonny.

So is the trade working out well for Sonny, the one who has won the American League Pitcher of the Month Award twice and has already got named an MLB All-Star?

Read on and decide for yourself!

Sonny Gray's Trade: How Did It Turn Out For Him?

The New York Yankees acquired pitcher Sonny from the Oakland Athletics in exchange for prospects outfielder Dustin Fowler, Dominican player Jorge Mateo and pitcher James Kaprielian on July 31 this year.

As per the reports of ESPN, the Yankees pursuit of Sonny spilled into the final hours before the day's trade deadline.

The Yankees agreed to a 1-year / $3,575,000 contract with Sonny guaranteeing to pay him a base salary of $3,575,000 for this year. However, the agreement goes down to arbitration in the year 2018.

Sonny has since then played eleven matches for the Yankees and recorded a .364 win-loss percentage in his stats so far. Additionally, the standard pitching stats shows that the Earned Run Average (ERA) of this right-hander is now 3.72 and he has recorded eleven home runs.

The career standard pitching of Sonny ranging from the year 2013 to this year can be found in the table below:

Caption: The career stats of Sonny Gray as per the Baseball Reference.

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As per the latest fantasy news from 3rd October, Sonny wrapped up the 2017 regular season with a 10-12 record registering a 3.55 ERA, a 1.21 WHIP and 153 strikeouts across 162 1/3 innings.

Moreover, several news sources now report that Sonny has been playing the way the Yankees have always expected from him. Joe Girardi, who is currently the manager of the Yankees, has also openly talked about the 27-year-old to praise his performance as well. A few months ago, he told,

“He came here and had a lot of high expectations. He makes 2-3 starts where we don’t score any runs and he’s just continues to go out and does what he’s supposed to do. When we score runs, he wins.”

Well, the whole management team of the Yankees seems to be proud of their decision to trade Sonny as he turns in the best performance as a Yankee.

The Origin Of Sonny Gray Along With The Injuries He Has Endured!

Sonny attended Vanderbilt University and played college baseball for the Vanderbilt Commodores and then got drafted in the first round of the 2011 MLB draft by the Athletes. This baseball player then made his MLB debut two years later playing against the Pittsburgh Pirates in Pittsburgh.

Caption: Sonny Gray facing the media.

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Sonny has also suffered from injuries as every pitcher carries some form of injury risk. Beginning from 2015, he suffered from right ankle contusion to his latest strained right shoulder this year; he has gone through several injuries back to back.

He had even been listed in 15-Day Disabled List twice due to his right forearm and trapezius injuries the last year.