10 Basic Traits All Men Should Possess To be Successful with Women

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When we think we are an average man, we feel like there's a warcraft out there and it’s the survival of the fittest where only the most handsome, super rich...These 10 points will teach us how to finally embrace our manhood because these points are legend---wait for it...These 10 points will teach us how to finally embrace our manhood because these points are legend---wait for it...
10 Basic Traits All Men Should Possess To be Successful with Women

As a fan of the romantic-comedy series, How I Met Your Mother, we've rarely felt for anyone as much as we did for the character of Ted Mosby - a lonely guy who is in a desperate search to find 'the one.'

With Mosby's hopeless romantic adventures often springing peaks and valleys, we believed that we were destined to pick all the wisdom taught by the consistent but caddish womanizer Barney Stinson, who charmed us through his sarcastic sense of humor and god-like confidence.

In the case, we want to be an invincible chick magnet like Stinson, Live Ramp offers you this article as your first resort.

These 10 points will teach us how to finally embrace our manhood because these points are legend---wait for it...

1. Suit Up To Hack Female Brain

Let’s face it, the tall-dark-handsome categories have been getting the win ad infinitum. The law of attraction seems to get highly magnetized to boys with sharp jawline, broad shoulders, and big happy eyes.

This has created a fundamental disadvantage for the common man since not all of us were born with soul-piercing physical features and some of us are laid back when it comes to the look department.

However, we can be fine and up for the competition if we follow one of the principle lessons from How I Met Your Mother's dating genius, Barney Stinson. He says,

Get a suit because suits are cool.

In order to steal a female's heart, Stinson suggests us to look smart, clean and awesome when wearing a suit. 

Believe it or not, the idea serves as a hack in the mind of the ladies as they have a thing for the finest pieces of fabrics. 

Suits & Personality: Suits Brings Forward Your Classy Side, It Is Addition To Your Personality (Photo: How I Met Your Mother )

While suits may hide the devil inside us and give us some brownie points in the dating game, hitting the gym to bulk out the biceps won't do us any harm. 

Having a razor cut looks, and fit body could get all eyes turned up towards suited us.

Smile big, look good, and at the very least we can still suit up!

2. Impress Her With Confidence Even Before Talking

We men cannot attract any women if we are scared like a little puppy. We've to understand that we have got nothing to fear.

If we are brave enough to pursue what we want, we can achieve impossible.

 But the irony is that the most of us are crazily worried even to perform the smallest stints in life such as expressing feelings to the longtime crush.  

We fans know why Barney is so good at wooing the ladies. It's because he thinks he is awesome, and he is confident about it.

So, we should learn to be comfortable in our skin, carry ourselves smoothy and maintain a good body language.

3. Communication Is Men's First Weapon  

It's no secret that women are social beings, emotional, picky and interactive.

Words can make any person dazed and attracted if we know how to speak it well. We should chose right amount of words depending upon diverse range of personalities. 

Almost all of us have been a victim of communication problems in our life. 

It's really awkward when we lose not only words while speaking but also miss the critical opportunity that came to us knocking on the door.

Expanding vocabulary is the key to learning how to be the best man. We should learn when and how to initiate a conversation and end it on a good note. 

Sometimes, an ordinary chit-chat can turn into something interesting. Talk sensible, talk sweet. Keep it simple but significant.

4. Even Mr. Bean Knows This One!

It’s a green signal if women laugh out loud at the beginning of the conversation.

We can use wordplay: “What has 36 teeth and holds back the incredible hulk? My zipper.”

Humor Is Contagious: Make Her Smile Big, She Gambles her Heart (Photo: Divorced Girl Smiling)

In order to make conversation light and funny, we can use some pickup lines like, “Are you a beaver, cause damnnnnn!”

Remember this, humor will help you attract women, not cheap flowers.

5. Do Women Love Chef?

Believe it or not, more than 80% of women fall for guys who could prepare a killer dish for them. 

Just Imagine who wouldn't want to marry someone like the late celeb chef, Antony Bourdain, who looked sexy even when he was chopping some potatoes?

When the partner is away from home, plan a thoughtful surprise sizzling some stakes and bacon with some onions on top. That's how the cook in us seize the moment with our beautiful dish. 

Cooking Attracts Women: Men Can Cook, Women Can Appreciate (Photo: Daily Mail)

It isn’t necessary though to make her wake up to ‘breakfast in bed’ every single day; cooking for her when she is tired shows her that her partner cares.

Yes, Being Good At Bed Is Important!

Now, this article wouldn't have been complete without this point. It’s an absolute must, as a man we should know how to make sex interesting. 

It may not be always sexual, but every female wants their sex partner to understand their sexual preferences. And men too can communicate their priorities in order to reach a satisfactory understanding.

We men have to believe in ourselves and learn to create a sensual attachment with our partners.

Men must feel the heat and make their partners feel it too.

7. Here's Comes Crazy Dating Trick

Men must learn this trick when things start to get serious in a dating relationship. Here's a trick:

When a lady acts normal and becomes who is she that means you're safe. But if you smell some discomfort and think something is fishy with her mood then you know in what part you are lagging behind. Carve out a compromise talking to her or move on. 

Some may take the trick as a mere hyperbole, but the point of the matter is that the core of all the problems are expectations. 

When we don't live up to these, then we're likely to witness conflicts in our dating lives. Then, it will always be this game of guessing whether our partners are happy with what we are doing. 

It's a problem because we want our partners to be satisfied at our expense. Where's our self-worth?

8. Don't Play With Somone's Heart Just Date

As a man, we can be in a situation when we may compromise and just commit to our lovers' desire to get married or engaged when we are not even ready. Often men don't realize that doing so can ruin both the lives. 


We men must give our partners the respect they deserve and communicate them our point of views when we are in doubt. 

We should listen to them and see if we can carve out a workable plan.

Be Patient: Men Who Stand Proud With Self Worth Are Visionary (Photo: Huff Post)

However, if we are in a point in which we know we are ready to step up our relationships, we should stop listening to Barney and act like Ted. We should value our partners as the most important part of our lives. 

Ted Mosby had a happy ending because he knew how a girl should be treated. 

9. Your Girlfriend Isn't High Mantainence, You Just Have Low Standards 

No women would like to get serious with a man without any goal. 

When women meet a man without an ambition, they treat such a man as a kid lost in his own world. Such a man surely may get empathy from women but not respect and commitment. 

It doesn't take Einstein to figure out that women also are like men when it comes to dating. If we are overspending for our partner even if we are poor, that says a lot about us and our judgment.

We should understand that not all women and men are the same, thus, it is brilliant to pursue a serious relationship with someone who is ready to stand beside you in ups and downs in life. 

However, doing so, we shouldn't forget that it is justified for them to leave us when we - at our own expense; start to destroy our lives.       

Know what you want in life and draw a blueprint of things five years down the line. When you do this, it just makes you look prepared and women love that.   

The best men out in the world always had a plan, so should you!

10. Understand That No Is Yes In Progress!

When we think we are an average man, we feel like there's a warcraft out there and it’s the survival of the fittest where only the most handsome, super rich and outstandingly famous guys will get girls with just a wink. We fear of growing old waiting for a response from the girls we want.

Even when we are trying hard to get a girl, and all these 9 points don’t work out for us, we shouldn't freak out.

Rather, we should take some time in the dating arena because we want to settle down with the right person in the end.

However, life may not always offer a fairy-tale themed ending. We may lose our loved ones forever only to be closer with the people around us who care. Remember, Ted, got Robin forever only in the end, six-year after his wife died!

Now, Live Rampup hopes that you aren't lactose intolerant because this article is going to end up with the word "Dary," Legendary! 

But beyond these, we still should remember what the next big love guru Don Draper said, “Success comes from standing out not fitting it.” 

So, be who you are and become confident about it. thats is how you can attract women and gain success at it.