Fashion Nova | Handy Size Chart To Affordable Shipping & Jeans Review

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The craziest yet most beautiful clothing line of the internet has so much to offer to everybody. With their skinny jeans, to smoky lingeries, have all gained so much public love that everybody has been opting for Fashion Nova all the time. Let's see what the brand has to offer.
Fashion Nova | Handy Size Chart To Affordable Shipping & Jeans Review

The fashion world has changed its face. From the high-grade victorian style of tightly laced corset and multi-paired embroidered skirts to presenting girls with today’s tiny cropped tee and tight jeans, it has indeed brought out a true fashion revolution in the world.

Among big brands like Michael Kors and Louis Vitton, comes the name of Fashion Nova that has been in trend ever since it has hit the market.

With their skin-tight jeans and curvy body trendy tops, the clothing brand has become a true success in winning 13.5 million followers in Instagram and heaps of customers ready to show them some real brand loyalty.

How Did It All Start Up?

Being a fashion company that has been labeled as one of the most searched brands on Google, the level of curiosity about its inception story is quite obvious.

All the credits to what Fashion Nova holds today goes to its founder Richard Saghian. Coming up with new ideas of presenting us all with the Kardashian styled get up, Saghian has shown the girls the right way to look chic!

Fashion Nova post it's Epic Nights Sequel Dress (Photo: Fashion Nova's Instagram)

That one small fashion revolution has made the brand one of the best fashion site online and has earned its own personal store in Panorama Mall in Panorama City, California.

Of course, the brand couldn't thank enough Kylie Jenner and Cardi B for their mighty celebrity endorsement that has made the brand even more popular.

What do They Have On Store:


Starting from men’s wear to girl’s dresses, jeans, shoes, lingerie, jackets, Fashion Nova has everything in the store. They have the perfect size chart displayed to let their customers place an order for whatever they want.

If you want to know their available jeans size to shoe size, here are the details.

Size Chart Availability:

Fashion Nova's size chart has been acting as guidelines for many to find the right women’s sizes. The above size chart depicts the ideal size for women's tops and dresses.  

For the skirts and bottoms, Fashion Nova has its own standard sizes covered with their waist and hips measurements. 

Well, how can one miss the plus size measurements? And Fashion Nova has not! 

For the sexy looks, Fashion Nova has also given the swimwear and lingerie's measurements in their size chart. 

If you think shoes and boots are your game, may Fashion Nova's size chart for shoes and boots can be much of help!

It's their not so ordinary design that makes them one of the most popular clothing lines in America. The wide range of sizes, from size zero to curvaceous women are all available on the store.

More Additional Services:

More to their latest trendy fashion, the clothing line ensures that your package properly reaches you. So, all you need to do is to place your full address correctly and have the correct abbreviation and space for the correct information.

They offer 2-day shipping on all orders with a flat rate of $6.00, with the delivery done between 1-2 days. The overnight shipping costa up to $15.00.

However, one good thing about their shipping cost is that they offer FREE standard shipping on orders over $75 all over America.

Plus sized clothing available at the Fashion Nova Website (Photo:

But, if your planning to place an international order for their product, you get counted in the free shipping route if you place your order4 product over $150. But, the rates may vary for international orders depending on where you place your order from.

Review: Shipping Reviews To Jeans Reviews:

But beyond, it’s popularity, the brand has been getting a mixture of both good and bad reviews for its product and service.

One of their customers posted its shipping review in Trust pilot by saying:

"Their service sucks! Very deceitful. When I bought from their website, this was what it said for shipping "Free $75 & up 2-day shipping". When the stuff had not shipped after a week and I contacted them, they said this is what it actually means:
"Free $75 and up to 2-day shipping to 7 -10 days to process and 9-13 days for delivery"
I can't even read that sentence. So long story short, I may not be getting the stuff for the next month, If I even get it."

Similar responses flood the website as the customers write:

"Honestly, love their clothes. However, the customer service is AWFUL. I returned pants, they "misplaced" or "lost" them, so Im not getting my money back."

But  beyond the bad side, there are those who have been positive about the site like:

"Looking on here I had thought that it was a bad idea ordering from fashion nova.. But NOOO not at all with everything happening in california with the fire they were still able to get both packages to me in 4 days and it is the week after Thanksgiving where everything is hectic I LOVEEE IT"

But, keeping all odds and evens at your side, you would never know unless you log in and check out yourself!