How to Improve Concentration: Ways And Tips To boost Your Concentration In Your Daily Activities

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How to Improve Concentration:  Ways And Tips To boost Your Concentration In Your Daily Activities

Concentration means focusing solely on a single work at a time. Whether you are in school, college, at home or at work in all the places you need concentration to perform your work properly. When you concentrate and do your work then it is sure that you will get a good result after the completion of that certain work. But nowadays due to lack of meditation, use of alcohol, stress, anxiety, mental and physical pressure, tensions, eating unhealthy foods, smoking habits, and other bad habits, people’s concentrating ability have reduced and they cannot focus on their work. Lack of concentration can somehow give you problem in your daily life as you won’t be able to complete your work properly in time.  To cope up with this problem you should know some techniques that can help you improve your concentration. Some tips and ideas that can improve your concentration while doing any kinds of work are given below:

1) Find out the main reason that distracts you from concentrating:


First, discover what is distracting you from concentrating on your work. Once you find out the exact reason for your distraction you can just avoid all those distractions and after that, you can freely concentrate on your work. If something is disturbing you then use techniques to avoid it. You can better move to another place where nothing is there to distract you. You can even sit in the silent place and do your work with full concentration.

2) Know the importance of the work that you are doing and increase interest for that particular work:


Once we feel the importance of certain work and once we increase interest for certain work then in spite of many disturbances we can concentrate on it. To make the work interesting we can do many things such as: If we are reading for the exam then we can make learning more interesting by drawing pictures and then we can learn from that picture. If we are feeling bore to perform our any task then we can better call our friend and ask for company and we can even work together. These techniques can help us make our work more interesting and we can concentrate on our work.

3) Do not sit in places where you feel uncomfortable:

When we sit in uncomfortable places we will lack concentration. If something is bothering us we cannot focus on our work. So it will be better if we do our work by sitting in a comfy environment. We can sit somewhere from where we can work as well as watch the natural scenario. This will provide us positive energy and we can have good concentration in our work.

4) Use “be here, now” techniques:


“Practice makes man perfect” so we should keep on practicing to concentrate on certain work until it is habitual to us. “Be here, now” is an excellent technique that can help us concentrate on our work. This technique is very useful to bring our concentration back. When you are doing any work and when you get distracted then you can tell yourself “be here now”. Whenever your concentration gets broken you can repeat in your mind “be here now” and this practice will help you to concentrate on your work. Try this simple technique once and you can surely get some positive results.

5)  Make goals related to the work you are doing and write it in a paper and when you are distracted look at that paper:


This technique sounds weird but sometimes it really works. Make a list of goals and write it down in a paper or a notebook.  Unless you finish your goal you won’t feel good and whenever you cannot focus on your work you can look at that note and from there you will get some sort of motivation to work and to concentrate.

6) Practice Meditation daily:


Meditation is the key that can help us to concentrate on our work. Early in the morning is the best time to meditate. We can even meditate in the evening. While meditating we can sit in a silent room and close our eyes and meditate. For example- We can imagine of a burning candle in our mind and concentrate on the light or the tip of the burning candle while we meditate. We can meditate upon anything we want. This increases our concentration power.

7) Sleep in proper time:


Sleep is essential for a healthy mind and if we have a healthy mind then only we can concentrate on our work. We should go early to the bed and wake up early in the morning. This habit will make us healthy. We need enough sleep for our brain to function properly. Sleeping in time will help us improve our concentration.

8) Play concentration games:


We can play many brain concentration games to make our mind focused and concentrated. These games make our mind sharp and it energizes our brain. Some of the concentration games are- Colors, One Flip, Zebra, Double Decker Checker Board, Spaghetti etc. These concentration games enhance our concentrating power.

9) Keep your mind away from stress and pressure:

When our mind gets pressurized it is natural that we lose concentration from our work. A stress-free mind can work far better than a stressful mind. We should never take any mental pressure because it might harm our mental health which further leads to lack of concentration. The more our mind gets free from stress the more we can concentrate on our work.

10)  Reward yourself:


Rewarding yourself is a nice way to keep you concentrated in a certain work. Here, reward means after completing a certain task with full concentration you can give yourself the favorite thing which you like the most. For example: After reading a book with full concentration, you can go and watch television or hang out with your friends. This sort of rewards will help you to concentrate on your work properly.

11) Take breaks from work:


When we work continuously we get bored and lose our concentration in our work. So, we should take a short break to get refreshment and in this break we can do any activity that will refresh our mind and body such as: listening to music, watching television, eating, walking or anything we like the most. Our mind gets pressurized if we keep on working without any breaks. Breaks can make us fresh and active. We can take a gap from our work and if we want we can go outside and watch the natural scenario and admire the nature’s beauty.

12) Eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water:


Eating healthy foods is the key ingredient that can make our mind and body healthy. If our mind is healthy we can have good concentrating power. Rather than eating junk foods we can eat vegetables and fruits. We should drink a lot of water to keep our body hydrated.  Drinking water not only purifies our body but it even energizes our brain and helps us to concentrate on our work. “We are what we eat” so we should always eat right things. Smoking, drinking is very bad for our physical as well as mental health. Once we follow a healthy lifestyle we can easily be able to concentrate in any kinds of work.