7 Body Signs When On Periods & Its Symptoms

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For some, periods can be excruciating and unendurable. Where as for the others it can be just another day with just a slight blood flow, nothing that hysteric. Of course, when we have a uterus, that is self- shedding for transformity, we surely go through a physical change in our body; but are we aware of other changes that we go through in our monthly cycle? If not here are 7 things that we experience during our period:
7 Body Signs When On Periods & Its Symptoms

For some, periods can be excruciating and unendurable; whereas, for others, it can be another day with just a slight blood flow - nothing that hysteric. 

Of course, when you have a uterus that is self-shedding for transformity, you surely go through a physical change in your body; but are you aware of the other changes that take place during your monthly cycle?

Here are seven things that you experience during your period:

1. Emotions That Burst Up Like Balloons:

Have you ever laid awake crying in the middle of the night but you don’t know why? Then the answer may be a period that’s knocking on your door.

With the rise and fall of hormones, particularly estrogen, you may not notice that you have been a victim of PMS (premenstrual syndrome). 

At one moment, you wonder why you can’t stop laughing, and at other times, you go through the darkest days fighting through depression that comes without any notice.

During such extreme mood swings, it's likely that people will take you as an immature and whiny individual.

Mood Swing Symptoms: Period brings mood swings from one second smiling to experiencing all kinds of emotions in one minute (Photo: Thrivetalk)

So, remember girls to say no to coffee because caffeine drives you more insane than men! In addition, just go out to get fresh air (or exercise) when you feel like you cannot control your mood. 

2. How did I get this cloddish?

One or two weeks before our periods, we often wonder why we grow inelegant all of a sudden.

The answer coyly hides behind the increased levels of hormones such as estrogen.

The net result is more fluid absorption, which means you lose your balance and start wandering as a clumsy soul with your tender breasts.

Breast Swelling: Increased hormones stimulates secretory cells for additional fluid storage before periods (Photo: Heavenonearthhawaii)

If your menstrual cycle starts and your lumbering body keeps dropping things everywhere, take some early naps, fix your balance from yoga and take your time on everything you do.

For a change, let the world cater around you. 

3. Moody Appetite:

It’s that time of the month when you either crave all the food that hasn’t hit your mind in a long time, or you just don’t want to gobble a spoonful of cereal. You either die longing for something tasty or live in agony; envious about not being able to savor.

Periods Diet: Periods may avoid you from getting your favorite meal, but you don't give up (Photo:

When food swing hits the mood, the best option is to switch to tiny portions of healthy snacks every 2 hours a day.

4. Are You Running To Bathroom More Often?

The weirdest thing that you go through when periods come is the potty problem.

You know how it goes. Your besty suddenly finds an awesome shopping destination and both of you are sanguine to land the discounted items. You feel that the plan is a match made in heaven. 

Not long after the stimulating conversation, you hate yourself for dashing to your toilet frequently, and if not that; you feel remorse about sudden constipation that's keeping you locked in your bathroom for hours.

All the credit goes to the progesterone imbalance that creates such boul problems.

Potty Problem During Periods: Rollercoaster of potty issues means your day is ruined (Photo: Remedies For Me)

Take vitamin B6 or calcium to soothe out your tummy girls!

5. Oh No: Aches, Cramps, Body Pain And Migraines

Maybe the toughest battles during periods are body pain, stomach cramps, and migraines. More to this, gingivitis and tooth sensitivity just appears out of nowhere.

The chronic throbbing headaches caused by the dropped estrogen level also doesn’t make periods any easier.

Migraine During Periods: Normal head pain gets more unendurable when you are on your periods (Photo: The Irish Times)

One of the ways you can soothe your head is by taking aspirin. Plus, clear the clutter in your head and don't forget to breathe. 

6. Prone To Yeast Infection

Have you gone through a series of burns and itches just before your periods? 

If yes, then that could be a suspect of the PH imbalance triggering the yeast infection.

Prone to yeast infection: Unbearable pain on your private areas with burning and itching sensation means bad news (Photo:

To avoid infection, make sure you eat healthy, change pads/tampons (during periods) every hour and avoid the use of strong chemical soap based materials that would just make the yeast worse.

7. Today Is Workout Day!

When your period starts, your hormones tend to be at their lowest point. So girls, make sure you pick up an extra motivation and hit the gym to relieve menstrual cramps.

Exercise more: Healthy exercise before and after periods relieves menstrual cramps, soothes headaches and controls PMS symptoms such as headaches, depression and fatigue  (Photo: Chuze Fitness) 

Now that you know all the signs and symptoms your body experiences during your periods, don't freak out when you feel hysteric about everything. 

Just remember, you are not alone - we all connect to such transformity! It's the sign one day you will be a proud mom.