Top 10 Must Visit Tourist Destinations in Asia

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Top 10 Must Visit Tourist Destinations in Asia. While working for more than three months, my heart suddenly aches for a real long vacation.  Not only my heart but my head also starts to imagine about beautiful places, tasty foods, refreshing drinks and my carefree attitude which tag along in during the vacation.
Top 10 Must Visit Tourist Destinations in Asia

While working for more than three months, my heart suddenly aches for a real long vacation.  Not only my heart but my head also starts to imagine about beautiful places, tasty foods, refreshing drinks and my carefree attitude which tag along in during the vacation.

 Keeping the carefree attitude in check, for now, we are revealing the top ten tourist destinations in Asia where one can experience the entire culture and tradition of the Asian continent and feel the purity of Asian love.

Phuket, Thailand:

Known as the most famous island of Thailand, Phuket holds a significant amount of tourist flocking down every year to capture the golden water shores, resorts, and spas, busy market, local Thai cuisine, nightclubs, and bars.

Caption: Phuket Island, Thailand.


While touring around Phuket, one can get completely involved with the locals to be a part of Thai culture. The best thing to do around the island is to take a look at the salmon sunset. From sunrise to sunset one can explore the aquariums, Buddhists Temple, Gardens and even take a boat tour to explore the sea of Andaman Sea. From Phuket, one can travel to Bangkok and Burma.

Caption: Phuket Türk Hava Yollar? Ile, Thailand.


The greatest time to visit the island is from November to February as the temperature is cool and dry. The island has best resorts which give the impeccable view of the beach but it may be a bit expensive for budgeted traveler. But there are plenty of pocket-friendly hotels and inns providing moderate service to the tourists. The travelers can tag along with a local guide to take a tour while they can also take a private cab or local transport to take a trip.


If you want to experience what a real heaven looks like, I urge the travelers to opt for a short vacation to Maldives. The Indian Ocean surrounds the island from all the sides. The blue water of Indian Ocean makes you fall in love with the country.

Caption: Scuba Diving and Snorkeling in the Island of Maldives.


Maldives is mainly heaven for the water sports lover as the country entertains its traveler by providing an opportunity to go for scuba and snorkeling and submarine. While at Lhohifushi and Dhonveli in the North Malé the tourist can go and learn for windsurfing. The country is so beautiful that, you can even go for boat cruise while one can enjoy a romantic dinner in the white sand of Maldives and entertain themselves by experiencing the cultural dance of Male.

The best season to visit Maldives is from December to March and from April to November as the island if flocked with numerous tourist from all over the world. Nowadays, Maldives has become the best tourist destination for a married couple for their honeymoon and celebrity destination for stars from all over the world.

During peak season the resorts in Maldives are expensive but its worth it. All kinds of transports like seaplane, yacht, ferry and motorbikes are available on the island for the tourist to travel around the country.

Bali, Indonesia:

Enriched with volcanic landscapes and beaches, Bali is a famous honeymoon destination for the newly wed couple. But you don’t need to be married to explore the beauty of Bali. The sandy beaches accompanied by the historical culture. The island offers a warm hospitality for its guests along with natural tropical forests.

Caption: Island of Bali, Indonesia.


The island is perfect for the beach lover and jungle surfer.The island gets an exotic view during the evening i.e., after the sunset as the entire island lightens up for the festive mode. The island offers a multi cuisine food for its guest and fantastic luxurious resorts.

Caption: Elephant Cave, Bali, Indonesia.


When roaming around Bali, the travelers can go for Besakih Temple, Tanah Lot, Ubud Monkey Forest, Ubud Art Market, Bali Safari & Marine Park and Goa Gajah ‘Elephant Cave’. The best season to head for Bali is  April, May and late of September. The island offers the vast range of hotels and resorts depending on your budget but during peak season the hotels are bit expensive than its usual price. One can hire a bike to roam around the island or opt for the hotel transport to move around.

Kerala, India:

Having situated in the Southern part of India, Kerala is a heaven for people who enjoy the tranquility. The state gives the glimpse of Arabian sea flowing in the coast and offers an enchanting view of the palm lined beach and backwaters along with the canals.

Caption: Boathouse in Kerala lined with Palm trees.


When taking a vacation in Kerala, one must not miss the private boat tour in the land of Kochi. Kerala has got numerous attractions like Bekal Fort, Edappally Church, Periyar Tiger Reserve, Fun Forest Reserve and Konni Forest Reserve.

Caption: Bekal Fort, Kerala, India.


The passengers can go around the city with the assistance of a tour guide or can self-take a visit by using a private vehicle. Kerala is a mesmerizing place for the food lovers to taste the South Indian food and to take a glance of South Indian culture and festivals.

Hongkong, China:

The tall skyscrapers, authentic culinary and the ancient Chinese moment are the primary attraction of the Bejing city. The city is a combination of historical and modern art. When planning for a short tour one can experience the flavor of the local Chinese taste to the luxury taste.

Caption: The Great Forbidden City, Beijing, China.


People pack your bags and head off to Bejing as you have plenty of tourist destinations which would leave to dumbstruck. There are places like Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square,  Summer Palace, Ming Tombs, Great Wall of China and Beijing Opera.

Caption: The Great Wall of China, Beijing, China.


The best month to visit the city is in the month of September and October where the climatic condition of the city is moderate. People can roam around the city by using a subway and even by using a private cab. But if you want to experience the city of Beijing than using local transportation would be the best option and eating local food would be a nice way to enrich the taste of Bejing.


Being a landlocked country Laos has its charm to make their traveler visit their country again and again. The country is situated in the Indochinese peninsula and bordered by Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand and China. With the tag line of “ Being Beautiful” every year the country receives a swarming number of tourist visiting the country every year.

Caption: The entire valley of Savannakhet, Laos.


Laos has attractions which have made every people wanting to come back to the country again and again. The country has a UNESCO Heritage city Luang Prabang accompanied by Phousi Mountain to take a glimpse of setting the sun from the mountain. The other major attractions of Laos is the Savannakhet, Bokeo, Kuang Si and Champasak.

Caption: Kuang Si, waterfall Laos.


When talking about the best period to visit the country, it would be during the November to January. A traveler can take the local bus, private cars, tuk-tuks, bicycle and hire a motorbike to roam around the country.

Saudi Arabia:

Situated in the Western Asia the country is bordered by Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Yemen and UAE. The country being an Islamic country has the attractions of many Mecca and Islamic monuments along with the natural well beings.

Caption: Fakieh Aquarium, Saudi Arabia.


Not-to-miss places while touring Saudi Arabia are Fakieh Aquarium, Corniche, King's Fountain, King Abdullah Park,  Dumat al-Jandal. When roaming the country one must be careful as men are not allowed to stare women. Similarly, open drinking is not permitted in the country. Saudi Arabia is a strict country which strictly takes action when breaching the rules and regulations.

Caption:King Abdullah Park, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


The excellent time to visit the country is from November to January as the climate is soothing and pleasant.The country has shuttles, private cars, ships and railways facilities to travel inside the country.


While talking about Egypt first thing that comes to one’s mind is the golden glowing Pyramid, Mummies, stories of Cleopatra and ancient Egyptian civilization. Well well, those are not only the attractions of Egypt as the country has the longest river the Nile, Pyramid of Giza, Luxor's Karnak Temple and the Valley of the Kings, Islamic Cairo, White Desert, Siwa Oasis, and Alexandria.

Caption: Farafra White Desert, Egypt.


The most favorable moment to take a tour of Egypt is September, March, and April. The travelers can roam around the cities of Egypt by taking a private cab or local transport. Hotels and motels are inexpensive, but the tourists must take care of their belongings as the city is unsafe from crime.


If you have interests in getting hold of the ancient story, look at a historical monument and has a strange desire for being an archeologist in the vacation than Jordan is a perfect place for you not to miss out in Asia.

Caption: Dead Sea Cave, Jordan.


Jordan has attractions like  Petra,  chiseling stone walls, Jerash, Amman City And Citadel, Dead Sea and Wadi Rum. The best season to visit the country is during Spring and autumn.

Caption: Petra, Jordan.


The country has a very flexible transportation system. The public buses cover all the important routes, but if you wants to see the beauty of the Jordan carefully then you should hire a private car and roam around. The country serves with best hotels at expensive as well as cheap rate.

Kathmandu, Nepal:

When planning to take a week off for a vacation than Kathmandu will be the best place for you to take a few days off and have a mindblowing holiday. The city is surrounded by the beautiful green mountains and Himalayan range, the city, has its story to tell to the travelers.

The city is a heaven for the people interested in archaeology and who has a keen interest in taking a glance of old King’s palaces.  

Caption: The Kathmandu Durbar Square, Kathmandu, Nepal.


The city has the only living Goddess  “ Kumari” where foreigners can take a glimpse of it while at the same time can enjoy the temples and stupas situated inside the Kathmandu valley.

Caption: The Living Goddess" Kumari," Kathmandu, Nepal.


The major attraction of the city is the diversified culture and multi cuisine. For the foodie lovers, Kathmandu is a heaven. Foodie travelers can experience the staple food “Dido, pocket-friendly” and “Gundruk” along with the localities loved food called Momo. While the party lover can walk right into the Thamel area and enjoy the late hour party, food, and music.

Caption: Bauddha Stupa, Kathmandu, Nepal.

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The inns and hotels are pocket-friendly and transportation service like a single cab, local bus are easily available to move around the city. The best month to visit the place is from March to September as it’s neither hot nor too cold.

If you want to experience the true Asian culture than the above listed top ten countries, a must visit for every traveler who considers their hobby as traveling. People if you are confused with your travel plans then go ahead with the above places we assure you that it would never let your holiday go waste.A properly framed budget and willingness to get from your comfortable zone would make you execute your plans in a successful manner.