Top Five Guidelines To Rescue A Relationship

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Top Five Guidelines To Rescue A Relationship .“The unsinkable ship” Titanic kissed the bottom of the oceans when not a soul boarded on the ship knew that they would have to face the evil mishap. This states that anything can happen at any point in time as we can never be sure of uncertainty occurring in future.
Top Five Guidelines To Rescue A Relationship

“The unsinkable ship” Titanic kissed the bottom of the oceans when not a soul boarded on the ship knew that they would have to face the evil mishap. This states that anything can happen at any point in time as we can never be sure of uncertainty occurring in future. We human being have the tendency of sticking with the past and neglecting the present due to which most of us especially couple end up questioning on the relationship status.

So, are you at that point of your relationship that you only sense things that should not be going on the way it was supposed to or have you adapted the strange habit of stalking your partner due to extreme insecurity in the relationship?  Whatever may be the cause, no matter how bad things went between you two, do you still want things to be better as you had during the commencement of your relationship, so I urge every couple to practice the following guidelines actually to improvise your relationship issue and live a stress-free life.

1. Create a little distance.

 You may be wondering how a short distance will help you fill a gap inside your heart? When you talk and frequently see each other than simply understand that your relationship is descending its values. You are not solving the issue. Instead, you are adding fuel to the fire; you are adding meaningless conversation and worthless visit when you carry heaps of irritation and plenty of negative attitude towards your partner.

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Just pause your actions for a particular period, just remind yourself all the reasons that lead you to this teary situations. A little brainstorming act with maturity will be enough for you to realize the reason about your wrong doings and hence will allow yourself to be gentle enough to see the reason for current heart bleeding situation.

Someway down this process half of your problem will be solved because by then you will realize the actual reason for your wild behavior while on a contradictory,  is also allows your partner to miss you, think about you along with his negative approach towards the relationship. “Negative Approach” is only a subjective way to come close. My advice for you is to take your own time and give your best as when you hurry you will spoil your curry.

2. Effective Communication:

Once you create a distance, the urge to talk with each other increases. Thus, create a meeting by focusing on your primary objective and simply talk things out, so, without any further delay eliminate the chase and deal with the matter. Be polite and loving enough to show that you are really into solving things out and making it better.

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Take turns in listening to the reason, explain if needed and ask for an explanation if you require. No matter how dissatisfied you become during the meeting or talk explain it in a loving way. Be gentle with feeling, as the key objective here is to understand you partner and vice-versa. Love is a beautiful thing but it can be tough at times, and can even be rude at some point. But only love can melt love, so be that love and communicate everything that has been bothering you and ask your partner the same. 

3. Rectify your mistakes:

Once you realize your mistake, it's better for the sake of your relationship to just go and only confront your partner regarding your mistake and apologize for it.  Don’t let your ego strike your brain from confronting and apologizing it as there comes a time where "Sorry" comes to your heart but get stuck in your mouth,  so just let it flow.

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Seek for forgiveness, realize your mistakes and give a commitment to your partner regarding its non-repentance.  Once you are done it with a pure heart, your partner will too do the same. The biggest reason why a relationship doesn’t work out is that people don’t realize their mistakes, rather look upon their partner, so a simple sorry will bring smiles and even melt mountains built from hatred. Thus, always keep a reminder love is all about emotions, not logic.

4. Forget and forgive:

 What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Just replace the word “Vegas” with the word “past.” Yes, past's are to be left where it belongs. If you keep poking events from history, you will keep dashing on bad memories that would haunt your beautiful present and never allow you to live a happy and peaceful life.

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Leave your sad past behind or talk to your partner about the positive things it taught you both. Once both of you shared your emotional weakness along with your burden that you both have been carrying past issues would ultimately appear feather lite. Once you have made friendship with your past and rectified your mistakes just be sure that you both have nothing to do with it anymore and simply forget it as a bad day. Learn to forget and forgive each other, show appreciation to each other, remind your partner about their importance in your life and at the end forget it like it was a nightmare.

5. Focus on the good quality:

Yes, as simple as it may sound it is simple to follow as well. Always focus on the good things, recall the moments that both of you enjoyed in the past, feel the time at present, allow yourself to drool in the imagination of the good days that you both had spent.

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Share your partner the reason why you choose them, let them know each and every small thing's they did for you to make you feel special.  Love your soulmate unconditionally as love is all about sharing and bringing back the good old memories and rejuvenating it so that it reignite the spark in your relationship and make your bonding firm.

 Life always has two aspects black and white. Every time you can't expect a white side and every time you won't be having a dark side. You should always blend the color of black and white and live a gray life. Bad things happen, you can’t live in a virtual world where things are perfect forever. 

Deal with the bad situation, embrace it, fight for it, fight for the sake of your relationship and look how satisfied you will be with all those good struggles and effort. Go, people, save your drowning relationship and love your partner with unconditional love.