Is Benedict Wong Secretly Married? Or Too Busy With Escalating Career To Have A Girlfriend And Turn Her Into A Wife?

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Is Benedict Wong Secretly Married? Or Too Busy With Escalating Career To Have A Girlfriend And Turn Her Into A Wife?

Famous personalities are usually bound to share their personal life with the people around them. However, some celebrities hide behind their on-screen characters when it comes to revealing the information regarding their personal life.

The forty-six-year-old Doctor Strange actor Benedict Wong is no less than any other celebrities, as he is very successful in concealing his life behind the cameras. So today, we take a peek into the hidden life of actor Benedict Wong.

Is Benedict Wong Secretly Married?

Benedict Wong doesn’t fall into the category of the celebrities who are straightforward in revealing their love life. The talented English actor Wong, who has always concealed his personal life behind his on-screen portrayals, has successfully shadowed his relationship status.

Though Wong’s love life is one of the unresolved mysteries till the date, some people believe him to be single as there is no any evidence of his dating and affair.

As he has not hinted or mentioned anything about having a girlfriend or wife, some people even suspect him to be a gay. Moreover, some gay rumors surfaced the social media because he remains unmarried, even at the age of forty-six.

Is Benedict Wong hiding his relationship status and plans of the wedding to run away from media attention or is he still in search of a soul mate who could be a perfect wife for him?

Though the answers to these questions remain a mystery, we can say that he is too busy to indulge in love because of his inclining career.  

Busy With An Escalating Career!

If Benedict Wong is single (if he isn’t dating secretly), we can say that he was busy escalating his career and had no any time to find love. Wong, who has been active in the film industry since 1992, has appeared in theater plays, television series, and films.  

In an interview with Independent in July 2013, Wong revealed that his father wanted him to get a job quickly. Wong explained-

"My dad wanted me to quickly get a job. But I found a loophole when I thought, 'Oh, my brothers didn't get proper jobs till they were 24,' so I thought, 'Just give me these three years and then if it goes a bit tits-up, I'll do whatever you say by being'"

Wong continued-

"He was like a solemn Victorian dad, not saying anything. My mum was like, 'Let him do what he wants'."

Well, we can say that Wong has proved his parents how capable he is as an actor.

Caption: Benedict Wong talking about his character in Doctor Strange (Published on October 21, 2016).

Born with Asian ethnicity to the parents who emigrated from Hong Kong, Benedict Wong is known for appearing in The Martian (2015), Marco Polo (2014-2016), Doctor Strange (2016), and Avengers: Infinity War (2018).

With the number of portrayals, Wong has been able to accumulate an incredible income. However, he has been keeping his net worth isolated alike his personal life.

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