Did Brec Bassinger Start Dating and Turn Co-Star Into Boyfriend Or is That Just A Fluke? Talks About Crushes And Nervousness

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Did Brec Bassinger Start Dating and Turn Co-Star Into Boyfriend Or is That Just A Fluke? Talks About Crushes And Nervousness

As the first kiss is an unforgettable one, it somehow has to be with someone special. But what do you think about the young celebs, who share their first ever kiss with their co-stars? 

Brec Bassinger can be the one who can give the possible answer, as she has shared her first kiss with her co-star from “Bella and Bulldogs.” But has she turned her co-star into a boyfriend?

Rumors have hit about Brec turning co-actor into a boyfriend, but how right is the issue? Let's dig in to find out!

Turned Co-actor Into Her Boyfriend?

The young star from the Nickelodeon’s Bella and Bulldogs, Brec Bassinger, has been able to win the hearts of many with that cute innocent face.

At the very young age, Brec is catching the pace of success, and she is impressively doing that. But apart from building her career, many are interested in her personal life too.

Talking about Brec’s love interest, in 2015, she tweeted that her New Year’s resolution is to be less awkward and get a boyfriend.

The 18 years old, then stated that she wants a boyfriend specifically being Harry Styles or Zac Efron

Eventually, that hasn’t happened so far, but as of now, many are speculating that the on-screen romance of Bella with Zach (Matt Cornett) might have turned or blossomed into off-screen too. And about the kiss, she explained, how nervous she was for it. Brec said,

"I immediately knew they were going to have me kiss a guy in the show. At first, I didn’t want my first kiss to be on screen. Then, I realized this wouldn’t be my first kiss; it would be Bella’s. But that didn’t stop me from being extremely nervous.”

She then added,

“When we started filming the kiss scene, I couldn’t even look the guy in the eye. The first kiss went well, but the second time we kissed, we missed. We didn’t even kiss each other on the lips. It was just horrible. I was like, 'Dang it! No, Brec. You can do it.' And finally, for the third kiss, everyone said, 'That was beautiful! That was perfect.'

Brec portrays her character splendidly, as she looks calm and confident on screen and also shows off her stellar style on the red carpets. But, she does lose her calmness in front of guys. If you are going through the same problem, then Brec has a piece of advice that she follows to regain her calmness as well.

In an interview, she shared,

“I get really nervous around guys so I’ve started looking at it as an audition, so when I go on dates, I’m like, ‘Brec, you’re playing a role, you’re playing this confident girl,’ and if I go into it with that mindset I can do a little better,”

So, don’t worry girls, you have your remedy for the nervous breakdown right?

Moreover, as of 2017, it seems her nervous nature no longer exists, as she is now dating the Instagram star, Dylan Summerall. The two appear to handle their love life in a pretty impressive way and are setting relationship goals.

We can see many romantic pictures of the two in their respective Instagram accounts. And here are some of the pictures for the evidence.


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The cuddling romance of the new couple is so adorable to watch.


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In a way, the two are setting some relationship goals. We wish them the same fun filled romance further. 

Know More About Brec Bassinger:

Born on May 25, 1999, Brec Bassinger started her career in acting at the very young age. The actress hasn’t revealed much about her parents, but she mentioned that she moved to Los Angeles with her mother although she originally hails from Texas. As siblings, she has two older brothers, Beric and Brice.

Caption: Trailer of Brec Bassinger's upcoming movie, Status Update (Published on Feb 22, 2017).

Talking about her profession, in 2013, she appeared in an episode of ABC’s “The Goldbergs.” Further, she landed in the title role of Nickelodeon’s “Bella and Bulldogs.”

She also had a recurring role on the famous series “Haunted Hathaways.” In 2015, Brec portrayed the role as Vi in the Nickelodeon TV movie “Liar, Lair, Vampire, ” and also appeared on Ho HO Holiday Special the same year. For 2017, her upcoming film, Status Update, is yet to be released.

Stay with us for the emerging updates on Brec Bassinger!