Is Curtis Lepore Who Once Was Accused Of Raping Girlfriend Starting A New Dating Relationship?

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Is Curtis Lepore Who Once Was Accused Of Raping Girlfriend Starting A New Dating Relationship?

Accusations are something that dents one’s reputation for good which may be false and sometimes might just remain as accusations and nothing more than that. We are no new to the story of internet celebrity Toby Turner who was once accused of rape charges by his girlfriend and once again the same scenario can be seen in the case of another internet celebrity, Curtis Lepore.

After the dreadful legal battle, has he started dating someone? Or still coping with the past life? Let’s take a glance in that very topic.

Commenced Dating Forgetting The Past.

'Leave the past and live in the present.' Curtis Lepore has done that real well. After the dark past, he has finally moved on with his girlfriend as per his post from the Instagram feed. He shared a picture which showed a cute moment with his girlfriend on which he captioned,

“We’re like… dating.”


We're like... dating @therachelraquel ????????????

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The internet celebrity’s girlfriend Rachel Raquel who is also an entertainer took the same picture to Instagram on which she wrote,

“Mad for you… mad for this paradise”


Mad for you... mad for this paradise ?????????

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From the posts what we can figure out is the two are having a great time in Disneyland.


Ship or nah? #curquel

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No question, they look great together, and we can see the love of Curtis for his girl.The blooming love of the pair is slowly and steadily catching its pace, and we just like to wish the new couple a blissful life ahead.

The ex-frontman of band Ghost X Ship is also an animal lover as he shares numerous pictures of his dog who sadly passed away this year.

The Viner has many tattoos on his body, and one more got added after the death of his dog. He made a tattoo of his dog on his right hand, and this gesture of his shows how much he is into pets and how dearly he loves them.

Problematic past affair:

The American actor once has been in a relation with a viner star Jessi Smiles which later ended with a nasty case. Jessi Smiles accused her former boyfriend of raping for which he got arrested in October 2013. He was released on $100,000 bail, and after prolonging the legal battle, he faced charges for the accusations.

Jessi flew to see Curtis Lepore in Los Angeles in August 2013. After things didn’t go well the two separated and at the time Jessie stayed in L.A to make a vine.

Getting back to the rape scenario, the incident took place after Jessi got a concussion and after which Curtis offered to help while she was recovering. Then and there, the victim claimed that after the viner fell asleep, Curtis allegedly got raped by her ex-boyfriend.

A day after the incident, Jessi also tweeted,

“Be careful of who you trust. Always be cautious for your safety. Be strong and don't let your guard down..."

But the case has just been dropped as part of a plea deal after pleading no contest to felony assault for in return to which Curtis has to spend 24 days of community service and a year of counseling.

Caption: The alleged rape case was dropped as part of a plea deal after Curtis pleading no contest to felony assault  (2014). 

Video Credit:

TMZ was first to break the news, the relationship of the true was one of the huge stories of the Vine world. 

Caption: First met of Curtis Lepore and Jessi Smiles in NYC (Published on August 5, 2013). 

The pair met through social media in the summer of 2013 and personally met in NYC.

Curtis ‘s net worth:

The musician and viner Curtis started his career as a frontman of a band Ghost X Ship in 2009. In 2012, he departed from the band. Further, he became more famous for his funny vine videos, and as of February 2014, he has 7.5 million followers on Vine. 

All his work as viner and musician must have contributed a lot to make an impressive net worth whose exact figure is not revealed officially yet.