Is Doc Shaw Dating Anyone Even After Major Weight Loss? Focusing On Career Rather Than Girlfriend?

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These days there are many young celebrities who are working hard and competing with each other to mark their place in the industry.
Is Doc Shaw Dating Anyone Even After Major Weight Loss? Focusing On Career Rather Than Girlfriend?

These days many young celebrities are working hard and competing to mark their place in the industry.

While some of the actors are misleading their love life and the issues of their personal life for publicity, some actors are justifying their talent through their portrayals. Doc Shaw, who portrayed the character of Malik Payne in Tyler Perry's House of Payne is one of those celebrities who is loved by many people.

As Shaw hasn’t shared his possible dating affairs through the social media, he is drawing the attention of many people. Well, there are many of them who are wondering about her personal life, especially his affairs and dating as his love life is one of the most searched on Tabloids after his professional success.

Is  HeInside The Dating League?

Shaw, who looks incredibly dashing after losing some weight, has not uttered a word regarding his relationship status. As per now, there is no such evidence which proves him to be dating. He is neither seen with any girl who could be guessed as his girlfriend. Well, Shaw is not married yet as he is too young to tie himself in a marital knot.

King Boomer from the Pair of Kings, Doc Shaw is twenty-four and is apparently single. It seems that he is in a long-term relationship with his profession. By the very young age, he has appeared in some films and television series which has helped him to accumulate an incredible salary.  However, Shaw’s net worth is not yet verified.  

Well, we can say that he is too busy to find his lady love.

Shaw’s Major Weight Loss!

Shaw has managed to climb the success after he fought the childhood obesity. As a kid, he was seldom teased because of his weight. By the age of twenty-two, he already had lost 50 pounds. When he appeared in Tyler Perry's House of Payne, he was a chubby kid who has now turned to a good looking guy.

Caption: Doc Shaw’s before (L)  and after (R) weight loss picture. 

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In an interview with News One Now in 2013, Shaw talked about his weight loss and encouraged parents to take care of their children’s weight. He said-

“As much time as kids play on video games and Xbox and PlayStation, they have Kinect games and other outlets on how you can go about losing weight.”

“You really don’t need the motivation of someone else, although it helps, but at the same time you have to find it in yourself to want to work out.”

With a well-maintained body, Shaw is now focusing on his career and currently has a new project “The Paynes” which is due for 2018.  Is he choosing his career over dating?