An Eligible Guy Luke Hemmings Does Not Possess A Girlfriend? Who Is The 5SOS Star Actually Dating?

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An Eligible Guy Luke Hemmings Does Not Possess A Girlfriend? Who Is The 5SOS Star Actually Dating?

Being young, wild and free are some of the traits found in any young artist these days, and clearly, Luke Hemmings is no exception here. However, what we are here for today is to know if this Australian singer possesses a love life or to simply know if he is dating someone or not. 

We were all prepped to do some serious research to know if the 20 years old has a girlfriend or not but it turned out that his dating affair is in fact similar to an open book, just minus the detailed information.The 5SOS lead vocalist is currently dating an Instagram sensation by the name Arzaylea.

Luke’s girlfriend Arzaylea is quite the famous personality on Instagram as she has a massive 443 thousand followers on her Instagram account where she normally posts pictures of herself, her dog and of course her beau, Luke Hemmings. However, there were rumors thrown around about the couple’s split. Let’s find out how true those rumors were.

Split With Girlfriend; How True Can It Be?

Split rumors for a celeb relationship is not anything new to be heard, but as fans, you deserve to know everything. Back in 2016, media was wobbling about the rumors claiming that Luke and Arzaylea went their separate ways. Dissing the rumors down, Luke was seen with his girlfriend on September on a date walking close enough to crush those pesky rumors.

The rumors came to existence after Arzaylea made some misleading tweets saying things like ‘no one is real’ followed by heartbroken emoji. Fans reacted to these tweets, and Twitter was fire with curious minds to know the real fact.


There were some other rumors in the past like when Luke was seen walking with an unidentified blonde who turned out to be Arzaylea’s girlfriend who had a boyfriend as well.

The next one was when accusation followed Arzaylea for cheating Luke over John Waugh from a rock band ‘The 1975.’ Apparently, the rumor stays the same till this date as Arzaylea never responded with any possible preferences to it, but she did post a picture of the couple together.

A Proper Valentine With Girlfriend: 

Despite all the rumors, Luke Hemmings is still dating his girlfriend. The couple recently posted a picture wishing each other a happy and love-filled Valentine on each other’s Instagram.


Happy Valentine's Day to my best friend and partner in crime???? Thanks for loving and letting me squish your face ??

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happy valentine's bubba ??you make me the happiest

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A Little Background Check

Luke Hemming was born on July 16, 1996, in Sydney Australia and apparently has a small family with parents and two siblings. Currently, Luke is working with his band members on a new album which they have scheduled to release in 2017. Most recently a video titled ‘Take What You Want’ from Japanese Rock band was out in which 5SOS featured.