Is Elliot Cowan Secretly Dating And Has A Girlfriend? Talks About The Reason For Not Getting Married

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Is Elliot Cowan Secretly Dating And Has A Girlfriend? Talks About The Reason For Not Getting Married

English actor Elliot Cowan is one of the most attractive actors in the industry. With a muscular built and well maintained facial hair, he is surely someone who resides in the hearts of many ladies and maybe gents as well. 

But has does he have someone in his heart? That is the main thing people wonder about. Also, fans do wonder if he is married and has kids of his own. If you are wondering as well, you've come to the right place.

Cowan Dating HIs Girlfriend Secretly Or Is All Alone?

The love life of Cowan has been a mystery for all fans as the dashing actor does not prefer expressing his personal life publically. But he has been linked with Jo Cowan, and there are rumors that the two might be a thing. An Instagram post from Cowan himself adds more fuel to the fire.


Just in case there was any doubt.

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The man and Jo have provided no major clues as to what the nature of their connection is so the fans would have to wait some more time for any further confirmation on this thing.

Furthermore, talking about his marital status, he is not yet reported to be married and having welcomed a wife in his life. He has also shown less interest in having children of his own. The man himself explained it in his words.

‘I’m still very much about being an actor. That’s why I’m not married with kids.’ 

So now we can say that he is not married because he loves his professional wholeheartedly. Maybe he will change his mind anytime soon and let the media and public know about it. 

Who is the dream lady of Cowan?

Cowan is someone who is totally attractive and him having a dream girl shows how charming and beautiful she might be. Ladies and gentlemen, the dream girl, is none other than Halle Berry. But it is not her looks which make her Cowan's dream lady, he says,

"It’s nothing to do with looks at all – honest! She’s very smart and intelligent. And it would be purely a professional thing."

But also, he has hinted what sort of women he likes and this might come as no surprise as the name of the lady is very much popular, and men would kill to have her. She stands by the name, Adriana Lima who is a Brazilian Victoria's Secret model.

"My ideal woman is the Brazilian Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima. I like curvy women; someone who’s confident, independent and likes having fun."

Now we and everyone knows what kind of women he likes. Take notes girls!

Also, this statement of him saying he likes girls eliminates the rumors which often surround him of being a gay.

 Born on 9 July 1976, in London, England, UK, Elliot Cowan is an English actor best known for his roles in  "Ultimate Force," "Lost in Austen," "Alexander" and also "Da Vinci's Demons." He is the son of a consultant physician and a charity worker, and with his professional accomplishments, he has done his family proud. He also has a younger brother and a sister too. 

He first got his break in 2000 and since then he has not looked back. He has been able to establish himself as a household name and the talents and skills he possesses just keep on growing which is why he is a successful name in the industry. As far as his net worth is concerned, his dedication has reaped him good rewards, but he is yet to provide any official statement about his net worth.