Is Emily Head So Busy With Booming Career That She Doesn't Have Time For Dating And Boyfriend?

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Is Emily Head So Busy With Booming Career That She Doesn't Have Time For Dating And Boyfriend?

Professional life and personal life are two equally important aspects of one's life. When you have a successful professional life, it directly or indirectly has a positive impact on your personal life and vice versa.

But for some people, only one aspect is important than the other, and mostly it is the professional one. People, while focusing on their working lives, often tend to give less emphasis on their personal life.

But does "Emmerdale" star Emily Head fall in that category? Is she too focused on her career that she does not have time to have a boyfriend and dating partner in life? Let us find out!

Is Emily Head Too Busy To Have A Boyfriend?

There is no arguing that Emily has had a stellar career thus far. But while she has been gathering fame and respect in her career, has she never found time to establish a dating relationship in life and have a boyfriend to support her in her life?

Well, till this date, Emily has not revealed anything about being involved in a dating affair, and she hasn't revealed anything about her getting married and having a husband in life. That often leads people to assume that she is just too busy with her career. 

Back in 2016, Emily revealed that she gets less attention from men and most people often ask her about her co-stars in "The Inbetweeners." 

Emily said,

“More of them wanted to hear about the boys. Are they really funny?

"There’s a lot of, ‘Oh my mate is like Simon’, or ‘My mate is like Jay’.

"And girls tell me they know someone like Jay. That was the brilliance of the show, everyone could relate to it.

Caption: Emily Head says she gets less attention from men.

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Emily further added,

“Boys going ‘Oh do you remember when we did that’, and then the girls going, ‘God, boys are such idiots’, because they are, especially at that age!”

That shows that although she is stunning and is equally successful, her professional life overshadows her personal life.

 But while she addressed the fact that she gets less attention from men, she also revealed her surprise about "The Inbetweeners" going so big.

“Never in a million years did we expect the Inbetweeners to be so big.

"It is what you always hope for, it was a show we all loved and believed in.

"But it happened quite slowly, which was nice as we weren’t thrown in at the deep end and all went through it together.

Adding to that, Emily divulged,

“It was the best job I could have hoped for. Everyone was so much fun.

"After the first read-through I said to my friend, ‘I want this show to be on now – I don’t care if I am in it or not, it is so funny I just want to see it now’.”

It is the arduous work and dedication of you and the rest of the casts that have put through positive result in "The Inbetweeners." Well done!

So let us hope that Head reveals any key details on her love life if she has a partner and if she is single, we do hope that she finds a right match soon.

A Short Wiki-Like Bio of Emily Head:

Born on December 15, 1988, in Fulham, United Kingdom, Emily Head is an English actress who is best known for her role in "The Inbetweeners" where she portrayed Carli D'Amato. She is also equally known for her role in the  ITV soap opera, "Emmerdale" in which she plays Rebecca White. She has been portraying the role of Rebecca in "Emmerdale" since October 2016, and she also revealed that her dad, Anthony Head was super-stoked that she landed that very role.

In an interview in 2016, she said,

“I am so excited to be the one to put a face to the name Rebecca White,”

“My dad was thrilled for me and every time I speak to him he’s very excited. He’s really looking forward to seeing it all.”

Her statement clearly suggests how proud and excited her father was towards her.

Caption: Rebecca White arriving on the series of Emmerdale. (Published on October 11, 2016)

Emily is a hard working person and has had quite a successful journey in her career thus far. She has earned ample amount of name and fame while she has also earned a good sum of money in her career, which is evident through her net worth, which dwells around $2 million.