'Game of Silence' Star Bre Blair: Still Not Married Beauty, to Whom, is She Dating With? Boyfriend?

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'Game of Silence' Star Bre Blair: Still Not Married Beauty, to Whom, is She Dating With? Boyfriend?

Bre Blair is definitely a known face to you if you love the series “Game Of Silence.” This beautiful lady is yet not married but may be dating someone. Apparently! Who is she dating? Whom does she regard as her boyfriend? We shall help you find that.

Married, Husband?

It might be good news for us to know that Bre is not married. But it is also a matter of mystery whether she has a boyfriend or not. The “Game of Silence” diva is beautiful indeed with her bewitching smile and charismatic eyes but who will be claiming it as his wife's?

Well! There are no exact and specific records of her dating history or husband, but we do have a clue from her Instagram that she might be dating a guy named Jason Cook

Boyfriend and Dating?


Never a dull moment with this one @jasonmcook My last night shenanigans : part one

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Her caption gives us the hint that she loves the company of the guy but whether he is the boyfriend or not isn't known. Well! There are a lot of possibility for that too.

Furthermore, there are no mentions whether she is a lesbian or transsexual, which means she is straight and loves straight boy-girl thing. There is, therefore, the maximum possibility that the guy in her Instagram is her boyfriend.

Bre has also been supportive of an anti-bullying campaign “My life My Power” which also aims at bringing awareness against bullying which can happen to anyone, and anywhere. Here is a video that depicts Bre Blair's support to the campaign.

Caption: Bre Blair supporting My Life My Power anti-bullying charity at Oscars Gifting Suite

Sarah Brianne Blair or Bre Blair was born on April 29, 1980, in Canada. She is said to have received the degree from Canada and was a brilliant student. She has appeared in both films and TV series as well including “Las Vegas” and “The Babysitters Club”.

Her most recent projects include “Game of Silence”, a 2015 drama, and “The Track” (2015) in 2015. Currently, she lives in Los Angeles, California.