Who Is Ian Harding Dating After All; A Gay Man Or Has A Girlfriend?

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Who Is Ian Harding Dating After All; A Gay Man Or Has A Girlfriend?

Firstly every Pretty Little Liars and Ezra Fitz fan out there take a deep breath and chill pill because this news would be hard to digest for his fans. Well, Ian Harding is no single anymore and has been in a relationship for the past four years.

But the question arises, who is Ian dating in real life? Is it Lucy Hale's PLL character, Aria Montgomery or someone else? We’ll figure it out!

Ian Harding Dating Crushing The hearts of many fans out there.

Caption: Ian Harding talks about his girlfriend in an interview with people in March 2015.

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First thing, Ian Harding is not dating her co-star Lucy Hale. Although Ezra and Aria fans wanted both of them to be a real-life couple, it is not happening. Hale has a boyfriend, and Harding too has a girlfriend of four years. He confirmed the news to People in March of 2015. He said,

I think what happens is the moment that you open that up and the moment that you talk about it it's now open for everybody to discuss. And, in this line of work, you have to just reveal and give so much of yourself over and over again, that to have something private is kind of a novelty. So, yeah, that's why I've kept it quiet and I really won't say much else about it other than it's awesome.


So, just who is his current girlfriend? Well, we’ll reveal it out!  She’s the girl next to Ian in the above photo, and her name is Sophie Hart.

More about Ian’s girlfriend, Hart loves fashion as well as fine art. As per her Twitter, and bio, she is a "fashion explorer inspired by fine art." Her artwork is colorful, unique and something Aria character would totally love.


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According to My Domaine, Ian Harding and Sophie Hart share a common house together in Los Angeles with their two Labradoodles breed dogs Mochi and Bailey. Both of them love to entertain and have intimate dinner parties. When it comes to his girlfriend and her fashion-related work, Harding said to My Domaine, 

"She surprises me every day."

Since Ian has a loving girlfriend whom he has been dating for four years, it is pretty sure that he is not gay. Although Ian has, expressed his pride at being labeled an Ezbian which denotes Ezra + Lesbian, but he is the gayest straight guy in Rosewood. He is not gay for sure!