Is Ken Hom A Married Man? Does Not Shares About Partner's Identity With Whom He Shares A Daughter

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Is Ken Hom A Married Man? Does Not Shares About Partner's Identity With Whom He Shares A Daughter

If you are a foodie and you love to eat then, Kem Hom must be a familiar face? The Chinese- American chef has a remarkable position in the entertainment industry. 

Well! Kim Hom, who has always been very open about his family background and all, let’s take a glance at his private life and know whether he is a married man or a gay as speculated?

Has a Daughter but is he Married?

The Chinese-American chef Ken Hom has his view when it comes to marriage. What we think is, getting married is the destination point of every relationship, but when asked to 63 years old cook, he has a distinct definition of marriage.  He divulged,

“We have been together 37 years, but we are not married. I think of marriage as an artificial constraint imposed upon you from the outside, when it should come from the heart.”

After almost four decades of relation, Ken Hom is not a married man. That means his partner is not going to be his future wife, clearly not anytime soon, as per his statement.

Ken Hom has always been very open about his relationship status whenever he talks but keeping the identity of his partner a mystery. For that he stated,

“Being Chinese I am not going to tell you about my partner – I won't give you a name.”

Well! It’s all up to him how he wants to present his private life, but Ken Hom-do mention that he and his partner don’t operate a joint account. He said,

“We take decisions together, but I am the person who looks after our finances (I'm better at it). We don't operate a joint account, but we do own property together.”

The conspiracy of his partner identity that whether his partner is a man or woman has always amid him with the assumptions of him being gay. But he has never given any statements regarding his sexual preference, and that has just remained as a speculation. 

Further, he often talks about his daughter and grandson. But with whom he shares the daughter? 

And the answer to that question is in his current relationship. Ken Hom often talks about his daughter, Sandra who is his stepdaughter. In an interview, while talking about his mother, partner and stepdaughter he mentioned,

"I have a partner and stepdaughter and I’m celebrating 30 years in the business, which I know my mum would be proud"

From the above statement, the mystery about his daughter is evident. Talking about his grandchildren, Ken told,

“I am a grandpa now to baby Leo who is one-years-old and he spent the summer with me. It was lovely to have a baby around again.”

Talking about his professional life, he started his professional career as a cook from late 70s after he was invited to California Culinary Academy as an instructor. He ignited his career from the early 80s from his show 'Ken Hom’s Chinese Cookery' (1984). 

From then he has published many books and has appeared in series too. Out of which his credits include Ken Hom’s Travels with a Hot Wok (1998), Foolproof Chinese Cookery (2000), Take on the Takeaway (2007), Noodle Road (2008), Exploring China: A Culinary Adventure with Ching-He Huang(2012).

Caption: Chinese-American chef Ken Hom talks about the Asian recipe.

Published on Feb 4, 2013.

Further, he also won Peabody award for series KBS which was a five hour documentary on the history of noodle. He is an author of more than 200 books. All of his work must have contributed a lot to make an impressive net worth whose exact figure is not revealed officially.