All You Need To Know About Christina Chong: Her Dating, Ethnicity, Net Worth and Husband

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All You Need To Know About Christina Chong: Her Dating, Ethnicity, Net Worth and Husband

Fans of the series as well as newcomers both enjoyed the live project of fabled game series "Halo: Nightfall" and even more enjoyed Christina Chong who played Macer in it but how much do you know about this upcoming star, let's take a look at peek at her life, shall we?

The 32-year-old actress comes from a half Chinese - half British ethnicity. Her Chinese father had a total of 6 children with her English mother but separated when Christina was young. 

Looking for a Husband or a Boyfriend?

The half-Chinese actress doesn't seem to have a confirmed dating history at all, having no relationships even at the age of 33 seems strange, wonder what the reason behind it is? 

Christina keeps a huge zip over her love life, but she did reference her boyfriend in an interview published by in November 2014 when she said;

"My boyfriend is a huge Star Wars fan and kept saying I needed to watch it."

Moreover, she added

 “My boyfriend founded a parkour company so we train together.”

Though there's no confirmed detail after going through her social media, we may have some new scoop about her relationship. 

Christina recently has started posting pictures of herself with Iggy Blanco. Both have been suggestive about their relationship on social media, and we can see from the pictures they've posted of each other that there's something in between.

Here we have a picture of Iggy alongside Christina at the rain dance film festival

And Here's a picture Iggy posted a while ago with Christina sitting quite close to Iggy, maybe she's dropping hints about their affair.


@jasperconran show with my mate here @chrissychong #lfw #goodtimes

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Christina herself has not declared anything about their love life so we can only speculate what is happening and we'd like to ask the viewers to assume her relationship with Iggy Blanco with a grain of salt.

Christina's Rising Career:

The stunning actress debuted her career acting as a support role in British movies W.E.(2011) and Johnny English Reborn(2011) alongside famous comedy actor Rowan Atkinson and even appeared in British TV shows Black mirror(2013) and the legendary series Doctor Who(2011).

The talented star was eventually cast as a lead role for the live project Halo: Nightfall (2014) and she has been on the rise ever since, working in multiple other works such as Dominion(2015) and Christmas Kings(2015). Her most recent work was in Of Kings and Prophets (2016).

The British-born actress has a history in dancing but what people might be surprised knowing is her fascination with Parkour. According to an interview by cult box, she said,

 “ I love to do my own stunts.” 

She likes sharing about a fascination with parkour on social media and has done so multiple times.

Caption: Christina Chong's Parkour Showreel from 2012

The multitalented beauty has been working in showbiz for eight years now and has multiple endorsements and has worked in various movies and TV shows. There's no confirmed detail about her net worth, but some sources suggest that she had a net worth of $7 Million in 2015. 

She's currently working in her current movie Tremor Cordis (2016), and she has been working hard for her career, grabbing any role possible and flourishing her popularity all over, and we’re sure that she will continue to do so for the rest of her career.