Is Paul Blackthorne Still Dating His Actress Girlfriend? Or Is He Onboard The Married Ship?

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Is Paul Blackthorne Still Dating His Actress Girlfriend? Or Is He Onboard The Married Ship?

They say "Men are like wine, the older they get, the tastier they look." Actor Paul Blackthorne is no less than a bottle of wine, who at the age of 47  still look sexy with his prominent jawline. Despite being the heartthrob of female supporters and blessed with a handsome face, the actor has never shown the romantic side in his real life.

Today, we shall get into the relationship zone of Paul and get hold of his link ups details along with net worth information.

Is he still Dating his Actress Girlfriend or has he Married her?

In an entertainment industry if you are seen hanging with a person more than once and if you get spotted with the same person roaming around in downtown than the media leaves no room to spread rumor and give a tag of the couple.

Caption: Paul Blackthorne rumored to be in a relationship with Kaley Cuoco (2015).

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Same might be the case of actor Paul Blackthorne who had been on page six for his brewing affairs with actress Kaley Cuoco. The media zoomed out the news to such extent making them a real couple. In an interview given by an inside source of Kaley posted on 17th December 2015 on, they said:

“It’s new, but she is excited about it.”

The news of their affairs bloomed when Kaley was seen posting the pictures and supporting Paul Blackthorne via her Instagram on 27th December 2015:


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Not only the inside source, but few of the entertainment news even forecasted the news regarding the affairs of Paul and Kaley.

Caption: The ET online post the news of Paul and Kaley rumor of dating.(2015)

However, neither Paul nor Kaley has accepted the rumor to be true. Maybe the love towards the animal by both of the stars made them headlines. 

As Paul and Kayle have been working for the welfare of the animals and have consistently shown love and affection towards them, such act which might have made the world guess them as a love bird.

While going through the Instagram account of Kaley, we identified cozy pictures with a man called Rex.  We came across plenty of pictures with the man, so we can pretty much consider that the affairs of Paul and Kaley are just a rumor as Kaley got spotted dating a mysterious man Rex on 4th December 2016.


#rex is back ????????????@pawworks

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Caption: Kaley posts the picture with her man named Rex on 4th December 2016.

Thus, Paul is reported to be single. There is no story of Paul getting hitched with any woman till date or there may be a case that he is secretly married, but he wants to keep the news of marriage within himself.

There will be plenty of if and but’s till Paul himself clear the air about his wedding.  But its so weird to see a  handsome man staying single in the remaining of his life. Paul, we are eagerly waiting for the D-day news of yours. It will be a celebration for us along with your fans who wants to see you with your wife and your family.

Attracted to women in the past or has he developed feelings for men?

While going through his past dating history, we came across few of his affairs and dating revelation. While a handsome man like him in the similar case would have a long dating history, Paul seems to have a sort one countable in fingers.

Though at present he is currently single, in the year 2010, Paul got linked with American actress Daryl Hannah.  The news may be right, or it may be a rumor as neither the star nor Paul has confirmed the news regarding their dating.

Caption: Paul with Daryl Hannah in La Vida restaurant in Hollywood after attending a party thrown (2010).

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However, the relationship was said to have lasted for only a year as in the year 2011; the duo moved out from the love bond. No proper reason for their break up has been revealed by Paul nor by Daryl, while currently, the American actress is reported to be dating Neil Young, the Canadian Musician.

Although, Paul has a positive view about bisexual people he is of straight sexual orientation as he has a record of getting indulged with women in the past. 

On an interview posted by Pinknews.Co.UK on 3rd August 2015, Paul, when asked about the introduction of the gay character in the television series of Green Arrow(2012), gave a favorable opinion. He said:

“It’s nice that they put that stuff in the show and if that’s helping to sort of ground break in any way then that’s great. God bless the bisexuals of this world, I say, and everyone in between and beyond.”

Though Paul has not revealed much regarding his dating life, he must surely have been dating currently to some beautiful women but to avoid the unwanted public attention may be he has been keeping it personal. Whatever may be the circumstances

Successful personality how much net worth does he owe?

Having worked in Hollywood as well as in Bollywood Paul has successfully marked his name and fame on the acting front. Besides working in movies like Road House (1989), The Gold Lunch(2008) and  The American Journey(2013) he has also given some remarkable performance on the silver screen like Monk(2006), Leverage(2010), The Gates( 2010) and The Flash(2015).

With all his effort he has accumulated the total net worth of $3 million. He might have also endorsed some brands and might have even invested in real estate which he has not disclosed in any of the online sites and social network. 

He has further taken movie projects and has been working on television projects like Dark Ascension(2017) and Legends of Tomorrow (2016) which would further add some lump some to his net worth making him a millionaire.