Is Rachel True Married? What Is She Doing Now To Look So Flawless Even At This Age?

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Is Rachel True Married? What Is She Doing Now To Look So Flawless Even At This Age?

When you are a successful personality and have done well in your career, you are bound to win over a lot of hearts and have a big fanbase. Also, when you win over hearts of people all around the globe, you drag their attention over you and especially your personal life.

The same can be said about famous American actress Rachel True. True has been there and done that when it comes to her career and has a fanbase to envy about. And now that she has reached her 50's, people often wonder if she is married or has her own children in her life. So let us find that thing out.

Is Rachel True Married And Has A Husband In Her Life?

Well, Rachel True is someone who is beautiful, famous and is well and truly able to rule men's and women's  hearts. But what her fans wonder is if she is married and has a husband in her life? Or is she is yet to tie the holy knot?

Well, she has always been someone who has been silent when it comes to answering questions regarding her personal relationships especially the dating ones.

But one might assume someone like True might have dated in her past. 

Caption: Rachel True at the 20th Annual Soul Train Music Awards - Arrivals, 2008.

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She has remained zipped up about her love relationships and also, she has given no clue whatsoever when it comes to her marital life. She is less likely to have her own children as she has not been revealing as of such. 

Maybe, she is busy with her career and focuses more on her profession life rather than her personal life. Or maybe, she does not want to be open about her personal life in front of the fans and media. Thus, we might need to wait for her to come up with any crucial revelation regarding her marital life.

Still Rocking at 50: What's Her Secret For That?

Well, one might look a bit old and have some bit of wrinkles by the time he/she reaches 50. But not Rachel True. She still looks like she is in her mid-30s and that is why people often wonder what she does to maintain herself. 

A photo which Rachel posted on her Instagram lit some absolute fire as she was looking more than beautiful and still young at the age of 50. 

The ever so health conscious and clean living Rachel wreaked havoc with this very post where she was sitting alongside a huge bag of carrots, omega-3 supplements and holding a glass of carrot juice. Maybe that is the secret of her not aging. Speaking of her not aging at all, this should be the best comment on this picture, 

"You must be a vampire because you haven't aged a bit,"

That is the kind of impact she made with her post and beauty.

Take notes girls!

Rachel True has been a part of several successful projects in her career like "Half and Half", "The Craft", "Half Baked" and "Nowhere". The success, she has earned in her career has given her ample name but also, she has earned plenty of money in her career. But despite that, she has not revealed any official statement on her net worth.